September 08, 2010

Beauty Mistakes: Mixing Up Products

My camera is on the frizz and it's been a while since we had a discussion post so the Hot Topic today is...

How many of you have accidentally mixed up your beauty products and used something else instead? Or had a family member/ friend accidentally use the wrong product?

Quite a long while back, my father was convinced that he had caught lice from somewhere as his scalp was itching like there was no tomorrow. Mum walked in on us kids looking through his hair with a magnifying glass (yes, he was that paranoid) and after listening to Dad's explanation, she walked into the bathroom and came out with a funny look on her face.

"Did you use this to wash your hair?" She held out a bottle to Dad.

He paused in mid-scratch. "Ya, what's wrong with it?"

"What's WRONG with it? It's dish washing DETERGENT, that's why. I poured it into an old shampoo bottle to keep for washing the toilet."

My sister and I broke into hysterical laughter as Mum railed at Dad for not noticing the smell or colour. Bright green liquid should have been a tip-off.

Years later, I would end up dating a guy just as blur as my father. I was on the phone with my boyfriend a year back when he mentioned in passing that he ran out of shower gel and used some out of the travel bottle I left in his place.

I paused. "But I didn't leave any shower gel in your place."

He paused. "Then what on earth was the blue stuff?"

"Alamak, that's conditioner! You had better go take another shower."

"Really? I was wondering why it didn't bubble but figured it was one of your weird shower things."

*face palm*

And of course, no story would be complete without one involving my sister, who accidentally plastered a liberal amount of strong AHA + BHA peeling stuff all over her face after I absent-mindedly told her to "go ahead and use anything in my cupboard" when she asked me for some moisturiser.

Her yowls still ring in my head.

Let's hear those stories, ladies!


Amy said...

I had a face mask from LUSH, cosmetic warrior I think it was. Anyway I had it in the fridge at you do and I was living at my boyfriends parents at the time just before we moved to canada. My boyfriends dad made a comment at dinner saying "thats a really nice dip thats in that black pot in the fridge, I put it on my sandwich at lunchtime, shall I get it out now to have with our salad?" ha ha ha I obviously replied with no and told him he had been eating my facemask.

Connie De Alwis said...

LMAO!! Thanks for the hilarious stories, Eli. You never fail to crack me up! And you have a very entertaining family :p
My boy grew up with women in beauty so at the very least he knows what is what though he may never use it... Not really a mistake: He uses my brush cleaner (shampoo for colored hair) for hair and body. I don't think he mistook it for regular shampoo. he just picked up whatever's the nearest to the shower. He never stopped using it even after I've told him that it was for my brushes... so after a shower he'd smell like my brushes :-/

Askmewhats said...

OH MY! Dishwashing liquid! hahhaah I don't have major mistakes yet, but I nearly used my acetone/nail polish remover on my face! I housed them in a same -looking bottle with my toner!!!

Syen said...

Hahahah... I think I once had to burst in on my baby bro taking a shower one time (when he was still really young then) and save him lest he starting soaping himself with Dynamo. My aunt had deported Dynamo into a Johnson's baby bath bottle. The dangers of deporting. o.0

xin said...

LOL! it happened to me before too. My mom used to buy goat's milk shower cream for us. Then one day, she decided to buy goat's milk shampoo as well. I was used to seeing the goat milk's shower cream bottle so i didn't look before pumping the content out. Then after one fine day only i realized that i had been using shampoo as my shower cream! since then, my mom has never bought any goat's milk shampoo anymore

Tine said...

HAHAHA good one! I don't know if this counts as a beauty mistake, but when I was about 8, I used to bring my masak masak tools into my bath, and use up my mum's expensive Wella shampoos to create "milk" (foam from the lather) :P

Eli said...

Me thinks Amy wins this storytelling round for worse mix-up ever. Thank goodness LUSH products are edible.

Kahani said...

I once absentmindedly used Silk Naturals' green tea perfume stick as a lipbalm... as it comes in the same tube. It wasn't bad really.

Oh and my mom once decanted savlon into a bottle of listerine mouthwash... then forgot and gargled it herself. >_<