September 06, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits

Need to put your long hair up but have nothing to put it up with? Check out this site for step by step instructions on putting your hair up with no accessories. It may take some practice but eventually, like me, you'll get it. ;)

Not that I expect this to come in handy for me rightaway. But if I ever find myself in NY and need a manicure, I'll refer to the lovely Garance's guide. Check it out, it's an adorable read!

This pair of absolutely adorable shoes.. squeak. With every step. It's the plasticky material they're made of. So in desperation I greased the straps (where they came into contact with each other) with some mint flavoured tube lipbalm I had lying around. And it worked! Now my shoes smell minty...

I'm also considering finally abandoning my yoko ono free-flowing locks and getting a cut with some shape to my hair. Still long of course! Also, possibly, a fringe. Any suggestions? 

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