September 03, 2010

Day to Night: NARS Rajasthan Duo

Hey lovelies,

Starting the day out on a work day, but partying after? NARS Rajasthan duo might be something worth your time.

Here I share how I bring the duo from a simple day look to a smokey night eye. And it was pretty much done using mostly only Rajasthan.

This duo is part of NARS' 2010 autumn collection, and along with Cordura (from autumn 2008), it's the first time I'm getting acquainted with NARS eyeshadows. The shadows are smooth enough. When swatched with my fingers, the lighter taupe shade swatched better, with the charcoal teal shade seeming just a tad chalky.

However, when applied with brushes, the taupe shade is the one that needs a few more swipes for it to show on the eyelid, while the dark teal gets picked up really easily. Both can be blended easily.

For a day look, I started here with only the taupe shade. I used Silk Naturals Eye Fix as my eye shadow base. Nothing else.

If you like your day look to have a wee bit more oomph, you can add just a touch of the teal shade, like I did. If you compare my left and right eye carefully, you will notice that my right eye (on your left) has just a tad more depth than my left eye.

This can be either a pumped up day-look (if your work place isn't the stuffy sort), or a really simple night-look. I just added a little more teal on the outer lid to get this.

Some would prefer to use the teal as a liner (like Kahani), but I love me a smokey eye, so I amped up the teal, and blended it out with a wee bit of the taupe shade. Interestingly, it doesn't look tealish at all, does it?

Here I must say you can either stop, or do what I did, which was adding a touch of Bobbi Brown's Chrome Eyeshadow in Pewter, which works awesomely well in bringing any eyeshadow to life. See how it just brings out the glam in the look? If you like, add eyeliner (I only used a bit on my lower lashline, none on the upper lashline) and mascara(I couldn't find mine. Heh.).

Voila. The end results. Really simple, and you can go from day to night in a 5 minutes.

Sorry I only have photos of my eyes. My face is currently on a coup, and is in no shape to be photographed.

With all said and done, my Rajasthan duo rocks! Love!


Tine said...

Oooh I just bought this on Kiss and Makeup NY. Can't wait for it to arrive. The colours are gorgeous on you!

Connie De Alwis said...

ooh, I'm surprised too that the teal doesn't come up teal but it kinda gives the taupe like a duochrome effect, eh? Does the teal show on its own?

Syen said...

Tine: I bought mine from them too. They sure deliver quite fast. And hehe..thanks Tine! =)

Connie: Uhh.. can't answer how it shows up on its own as I havent tried it on its own yet. =P

Eli said...

OOOH. Love, heart, adore. The colours are gorgeous.