September 20, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits

Local site selling OCC Lip Tars, Serendipity is having a Raya Sale! Buy 2 Lip Tars for RM90 instead of RM60 each. I've picked up Memento and NSFW. What colours are you lusting after?

Hate bobby pins? Me too! They ruin my manicure and don't hold up large amounts of hair well. I found an alternative at Daiso! Check out what the U-Shaped Pin can do. =)

The 80s were briefly (thank god) back when upscale makeup lines tried to sell us on blue eyeshadow + orange lips. Most of us ignored it, clever us! NOW they're trying to bring back the 90s! Remember those dark brown lips in Friends and the earlier seasons of Law & Order SVU? They're baaaaaaacccckkk... (I'm no fan)

In other (Fashion) news, Uniqlo is indeedy opening at Fahrenheit in November, BUT H&M, while eyeing the Malaysian market has no immediate plans to open at the same mall. Booo!!! Don't just EYE us darnnit, COME HERE!


Petra said...

Love brown lippies. Tried Esprit, now on Estee Lauder - love them both.

Foong Jin said...

Sad news about H&M! They'd make so much money if they'd just open here! Their clothes and accessories definitely blow Forever21, Topshop and other highstreet brands out of the water quality-wise. :( Only way to get my H&M fix is to go to HK. *sigh*