September 21, 2010

Yummy Raspberry!

Bumping into this bodywash whilst briefly clearing out my booty cupboard (to make way for more products, of course) was kinda like meeting an old friend.

Almost. Kinda.

You know... you meet, and you click right away. Half a year lapses. You bump into each other again. And you click straight away. Again.

That's what this ~H20+ Raspberry Guave Shower & Bath Gel is like for me. It could potentially be a good friend of mine.

Scent-wise, it has the same yummilicious sweet and fruity scent of its body balm partner, but milder. Strawberry-ish perhaps? Apologies, I've never been very good with my nose.

It's not quite as intense as the body balm, but that's not a problem as you can always layer the two if you want the scent to last longer. Interestingly, even though it's named Raspberry Guava, there is neither raspberry nor guava in this shower gel. What it does have, however, is kiwi, apricot, orange peel and lemon peel. Interesting indeed.

It also claims to have conditioning Vitamin E capsules. I presume these must be the tiny pearl-like stuff in the shower gel (see photo below). It's kinda fun watching them burst when you lather up the shower gel in your hands.

As for the product itself, it seems to be a touch more liquid than gel, which means it can get just a tad runny if you're not careful. Also, the tube packaging doesn't really help. I'm not altogether too fussed about it, but due to its consistency, I think I would prefer a bottle with a pump dispenser.

This bodywash lathers up decently and is moisturising enough. My skin felt alright after a shower and did not feel stretched or pulled. Nice.

I have no idea how much this 250ml tube will cost on its own (does anyone know?), as I bought this in a set together with my body balm and two other products, for which I paid RM69.90. I don't think this shower gel will be cheap though.

Bearing that in mind, I doubt I'll be repurchasing when this tube runs out. It is, all in all, a very fun shower and bath gel (yes, it says you can use it in the tub too!) but doesn't seem special enough to me to warrant a repeated purchase. Unless of course I am wrong, and it's actually very reasonably priced.

Sadly, expensive friends can be hard to keep.

Have you tried it?


xin said...

i m loving the fruity scents too. not sure about the price but i remember it to be rather pricey. definitely not a keeper kind of friend...

Mission Aveda said...

Hey i used this i think or this type of product perhaps not exactly with the company name but really its very effective and the result is really good...i love it....

lavender said...

I am using this currently. bought during warehouse sale. love the scent.

Beauty salon said...
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