October 26, 2010

Great place to tame them hairs: Apronbay

One of the best things about owning a blog, besides the amazing friends you make, is getting introduced to great products and services you would not have otherwise tried. Without this blogger's event I would never have walked into Apronbay in Bangsar as I'd assume it's way beyond my meager budget. But it seems you can get first-class service at reasonable prices!

Apronbay was named after the docking bay for airplanes. Recently launched (Sept 23), it sports a travel concept and each of the treatment rooms is themed after locations around the world. Founded by Ashley Loon and a good friend, Ashley was inspired by her experience as an air stewardess with Singapore Airlines. 

Covent Garden Room (my favourite, Anglophile that I am)
Urban / New York City
The serene and gorgeous beach room
While we were there, I was lucky enough to get my eyebrows threaded expertly by Ashley. It was a pretty impressive experience with no pain (my pain threshold is admittedly pretty high though), next to no redness and an almost artistic touch.

Why Artistic? Well I like that she didn't attempt to make my eyebrows identical when they aren't or sculpt them to some high-fashion ideal (always giving me the look of a super villainness). She tidied them up and gave them harmony rather than symmetry. I also like the fact that my right eyebrow is more quizzical than my left - suits me. ;) Wonderful experience that I would be keen to repeat in a month for only RM12.

However if you're someone who pencils in your brows and desire them to be perfectly identical I have no doubt it can be done.

Besides brow services, Apronbay also offers Waxing services for face, legs and bikini-line and has an impressive selection of imported crystal waxes from France which are promised to be gentler than traditional strip waxes (which they also have) . I've already passed the voucher on to our beloved Beauty Dodo so she can compare the experience for us. Brazilians start at RM35.

Apronbay also sells Korean line of eye beauty products, Lotree. Namely, Lotree Designer Gel Touch Eyeliner, Lotree Easy Touch Brush Pen Eyeliner, Lotree Rosa Davurica Mascara and the Lotree Natural Styling Eyebrow Kit.

Apronbay’s first outlet is conveniently located in the heart of Bangsar at 6-1, 1st Floor, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Telephone: 03 2287 8081. Keep tabs on Apronbay activities and promotions on Facebook too.

Do check out Connie of SkinDeco, Rinnah and Pretty Beautiful's experiences.


xin said...

i totally love the threading! no pain and perfectly clean. compared to the rm5 threading, i seriously wouldn't mind paying rm12 to minus the pain n blood

Kahani said...

Xin: honestly babe, your RM5 threading is damn scary lah. =P

Syen said...

Oh yeah. This place is awesome. Went on my own that day, and service was excellent, and the place just delightful. And I, too, noticed that it was less painful than my previous threading place. RM15 for eyebrows and upper lip, why the heck not?

Jazz said...

Hi *waves* I went to Apronbay after reading Connie's take on em and lemme tell you, it is so good! I used to do threading in an Indian shop in Bangsar too and frequently wishing there are other comfy places coz in there, everything's done in a rush and the pain, was oucy-ouh-OUCH especially on the upper lip. I went to apronbay, did my brows and upper lip-and walked away with very minimal pain and no redness! I love their prices too and planning another trip there with a friend whose pain threshold is very low. Good post :) And let's hope they'll have a promo soon..hehe.

Connie De Alwis said...

I'm still working up the courage to go for my bikini wax :x

Wendy said...

Hey Kahani,
Read your review and decided to try it out myself. I enjoyed the threading too! Not to mention, my brazilian :D
But ultimately, the service was impeccable! Ashley rocks!