October 27, 2010

Sounds like Fast Food: Bobbi Brown's Lips & Cheeks To Go

I hardly buy face palettes as most seem to be made with fairer people in mind. The blush is either too light for me or the lip shades are bubblegum pink – I look disgusting with pink lips.

This palette first caught my eye at the Myers counters last Christmas in Sydney. A palette which matches my colouring is a rarity so this went on my lust list. When I saw it on eBay for less than AUD60, I immediately bought it!

It may not look very exciting – functional palettes hardly ever do – but this has a firm spot in my handbag, 3 days out of 5.

Pictures speak louder than words so take a look at the swatches below.
From left: Pot Rouge in Blushed Rose; Metallic Lip Colour in Berry Metallic, Raspberry Metallic; Lip Colour in Raisin and Sandwash Pink
I was surprised to myself using Berry Metallic (a red-brown gold) and Raspberry Metallic (raspberry pink) more often than Raisin. Metallics aren't really my thing and I happen to have a soft spot for rich plum colours. The formula for the Metallic Lip colours is oh-so-creamy and apply really smoothly. I'll definitely be buying both Metallic once I run out. Or should I get them before I run out and reserve the quad for travel only?

Argh, I can't decide.

Truthfully, I don't see why the Pot Rouge is called Blushed Rose as the only brown-pink roses I have seen are usually half dried i.e. not fresh. That aside, this is a pretty sheer colour which is quite buildable. I prefer using this shade under Benefit's Dallas or with a light layer of SilkNatural's Crinoline (MAC Petticoat dupe) on top for some extra oomph.
From left: Glitter Lip Gloss in Golden topaz Glitter, Shimmer Lip Gloss in Pale Gold Shimmer, Lip Gloss in Pink Beige and Pink Cloud
I thought twice about swatching the lip glosses. With the exception of Pink Cloud, they go on really sheer! While I don't really enjoy using them on their own, my favourites for layering over lip colours are Pink Beige and Pale Gold Shimmer.

You can't see it in the swatch but the glitter particles in Golden Topaz Glitter are on the big side. I am not really keen on the glitter so I rarely use it.

I doubt I'll be getting Pale Gold Shimmer and Pink Beige from Bobbi Brown once I finish them in the quad. Not because I don't like them but because I have swatched lookalikes in Stage Cosmetics!

I forgot to mention, these come housed in a Bobbi Brown custom palette so you can pop them in and out to use with other Bobbi Brown colours. Don't worry, these come with little individual lids to prevent contamination from powder products. Oh, and the palette comes with a lip brush.

The Bobbi Brown Lips & Cheeks to Go Palette retails for USD 60 and is an online exclusive from the Bobbi Brown website, meaning that only US residents can purchase it. Boo. As mentioned, I saw it in the Myers department store last year but I don't know if it is still available in Australia.

Anyone know where else this can be found?


ksuan said...

Thanks for a great review, Eli! This palette just looks lovely, I love the colours :) (Although I have to say, Pink Cloud looks a little too sprightly for my taste!)

I'm heading to the US over New Year's and now you've made me think (very seriously) about purchasing this. And thanks to Kahani, Syen and Paris B, the Urban Decay Naked Palette as well.

Must. Resist.

Eli said...

Truthfully, I hardly use Pink Cloud or Sandwash Pink. I look terrible with pinks.

If you are an NC30-35 like me, this palette is definitely worth looking at. And if you can't find the palette, you can check out the full-sized products instead. I think I would cry if the colours were LE.

Don't resist! With the low USD rate, you should definitely knock yourself with pretty goodies. =P