October 14, 2010

The Pantene 14-Day Hair Challenge

I'll admit that when Pantene first asked me to trial their latest range I was apprehensive. My experience with Pantene in the past has been that it's great for a few uses but after a few days things tend to go a little weird due to heavy silicone buildup. I agreed to the 14-day trial after promising myself that I'd stop if things went south. The verdict? Not bad, not bad at all! With at least one product that's gone on my Holy Grail list. Read on to learn more and for individual product reviews:

From the Press Release (am starting to love the purple prose on these things):
P&G's  latest release of its new improved Pantene Recharging Fluid Pro-V Formula range that will give women more reasons to rejoice in their crowning glory. Touted to be the solution that will address the toughest hair issues faced by women the world over --- ranging from split ends to hair fall to the bane of having to deal with rough, tangled hair – 14 days is all it takes for total hair transformation! And, that’s not even taking into account the amazing ability of the product to reduce hair fall due to breakage from as much as 100 strands of hair to 2*.
The bag the products came in also promised to make all my "hair dreams come true". Tee hee!

I was amused by Pantene's promises of fulfilling all my "hair-dreams" because I actually have pretty great hair. It's manageable, long without much breakage and pretty shiny:

If I had "hair-wishes" it would be for more volume and let's face it, reduced hair fall is always a good thing, right?

Overall Results + Midnight Miracle
Yes there was definitely added volume which was great! Also, I believe the range managed to reduce hair fall slightly. Also very cool.

The only negative thing, beyond the scent (as you'll see), is that the shampoo and conditioner seemed to dry out my ends slightly rather than add moisture to them. Using the hairmask helped but it wasn't until I received Pantene's Night Miracle (which does NOT have to only be used at night) that I was seriously impressed.

This baby's now a must-have for me. After applying it sinks in and you can't tell you have ANY product in your hair except that my ends are completely unfrizzy and shiny to the ends. Yay! It also smells good - a more sophisticated traditional Pantene, if that makes sense.

Individual Product Reviews
This was my least favourite in the bunch. Not that it was a bad shampoo exactly, it just smelled overwhelmingly of sickeningly sweet, milky honeydew. For someone who likes zesty scents this is a very bad thing. The first few days I wore it I found myself spritzing my hair with Grapefruit scented spray . Then I got used to it, until the scent seemed to get STRONGER. I swear there were days when people turned around and sniffed as I strolled by... AFTER lunch. >_<  Finally, it seemed to dry out my ends but at the same time didn't keep my scalp from oiling up. If ever I left off washing my hair for longer than 24 hours, I'd be able to soak a blotter. Not cool =(

I really liked the conditioner. It detangled and gave moisture without weighing down my hair or turning greasy (I never use it above the nape of the neck). In fact when paired with other shampoos I believe it gave some volume. It's smell is also less offensive, more the traditional Pantene smell with a whiff of honeydew than the full on honeydew palooza that is the shampoo. 

Hair Mask
Not bad, but not HG material. The mask smells blessedly of just Pantene. Thank heavens. My favourite remains L'oreal Elseve's (Elvive?) pink hair mask. It's a hair mask, it does what it says and provides extra conditioning - umm... no bells whistles or angels singing here. 

After Pics
Pantene was wonderful and threw us the blogger party to end all blogger parties. Complete with makeovers, hairstyling and cupcakes. Unfortunately I'm still waiting on pics. When I get them you'll get the full event post. Becuase it was THAT fun. =D

The shampoos & condis retail at RM9.30 (180ml) and RM14.90 (350ml). The Night Miracle Serum is RM17.90 for 90ml. 


Askmewhats said...

wow girl, your hair is super long and healthy!!!! :) Love the 'do you've done!

Stavroula said...

Thank you for the review! :) Wow your hair is amazing!! The second pic with your hair up and the little flower is so chic! :)

Connie De Alwis said...

to me the shampoo smells like bubble yum watermelon gum. very artificial but I love it :p because I love the gum

rinnah said...

I actually liked the shampoo smell! I guess one man's meat is another man's poison? :P

toughcookie said...

ya la... actually your hair did already look great even before the pampering session :) but the session did make it look even more gorgeous, right? i love the picture of your hair with the bun... looks lovely.

Kahani said...

Nikki & Stavroula: Thanks dear!
I sort of describe how I put my hair up here - sorry am not too great with tutorials. But it's really really easy!

Connie & Rinnah: Oh good that you love the smell - then you can use the products! On me I swear it builds up - even my colleagues started going "Hmm... honeydew?" =P

Toughcookie: Aww thanks, I was actually so relieved when they washed it. Just 29 hours after the last time I washed it and it was so OILY!

xin said...

i really love the honeydew scent too :P and love your waterfall hair! u wanna cut it? *evil*

milktea said...

I'm gonna try the Night Miracle. I've been looking for a leave-in to replace L'oreal Elseve Re-Nutrition Night Serum, the royal jelly one! ;-)

Nothing wrong, just getting tired with it.