October 21, 2010

Review: Shiseido Luminizing Lipglosses in PK303 and PK406

It's been awhile since I've had the chance to try a high-end Japanese lipgloss and to be honest, it's quite a treat! When it comes to cosmetics, the Japanese have a different aesthetic from the West. For one thing there is absolutely no scent, smell or stickiness whatsoever. Which is actually, pretty neat in my books - saves me having to match the flavour of my lip balm to my gloss! Ever paired a lemon balm with a vanilla or coconut gloss? Don't DO IT.


Shiseido sent me two of their Luminizing Lip Glosses to review in Bellini PK303 and Pop Life PK406. I love the brush applicators, but wish the tubes would pull more cleanly from the mouth. If you're not careful you can actually splatter the lip gloss... yes, I'm heavy handed and always in a rush.

Both impart some colour although they're quite sheer, and give an interesting jelly-like finish. I can't quite explain it. It isn't creamy, vinyl, sparkly, shimmery, glossy or plumping. It's a fascinating shiny, jelly-like look which I really quite like. =D

They don't last terribly long, and qualify as "light" glosses. But in general you won't have to touch up until after a meal.

Pop Life PK406
A cool, milky pink with silver holographic shimmer (that doesn't appear OTT surprisingly), PK406 is not my favourite shade to use alone. Over a darker lipstick, or a stain, it cools it down and lightens up the shade while imparting a pretty shimmery and yes, jelly-like look. I like it, but don't find myself reaching for it on a daily basis.

Bellini PK406
My favourite of the two, this is a great neutral peachy gloss that looks lovely on its own. Creamy with superfine shimmer, it is a work-friendly gloss that has just enough colour not to wash you out. For Asians it really is a wonderful nude lippy.

With a quiet eye, I find I want to punch it up a little by layering a red stain underneath. But with a smokey eye it's the perfect neutral shade:
Yep, the smokey-eyed look is from Urban Decay's Naked Palette! =D

At RM79 a pop, they qualify as high-end but aren't quite the mind-boggling prices of Dior, Chanel or Hourglass. If I run out, and it's not LE, I'd repurchase Bellini - great nude shades are hard to find!


toughcookie said...

hey, bellini looks great on you!

Askmewhats said...

I haven't touched my glosses for the longest time! Both shades look really nice and natural!

Connie De Alwis said...

Bellini looks like my kind of color too! :D

ksuan said...

Ooooh, LOVE Bellini. And you're absolutely right, it complements the dramatic eye quite beautifully. Must try that sometime - although I still can't line my lower lash line without looking like a narcoleptic raccoon. :(

❤ Ee Von said...

ok this is not related but i like your dragonfly necklace :)

i like the jelly-like shine it gives. and that's a lovely look you did!

Kahani said...

Cookie, Nikki & ksuan: Thanks sweets! Find a good neutral CLING TO IT FOR DEAR LIFE

ksuan: That's what you think. Give it a go. And bring makeup removing cotton buds with you to tidy up now and then.

Connie: I do believe it is! You can try it next time we meet.

Eevon: Thanks dear. The necklace is a present and a favourite of mine. =D

Eli said...

Bellini looks great! Love the finish too.