October 22, 2010

Would you buy books on beauty?

So some of you may know that I'm quite a book happy person. As I'm sure some of you are.

And when it comes to books on beauty, the market does not seem wanting. From Bobbi Brown, Jemma Kidd, Laura Mercier, Kevyn Aucoin to Scott Barnes, it would seem that almost every makeup artist worth his salt out there has a book to his/her name.

Which is not a bad thing of course. Knowledge is, after all, to be shared.

However, with the advent of the Internet, would you still buy a book on beauty (which also comes with a rather hefty price tag) when so much of such similar information can be easily obtained online?

Personally, my love for books does not quite extend in that direction, and I've never bought one. But that's just me. I'm quite happy with the load of information on beauty that's ever-available to me on the Net. And for free too.

But what about you? Would you buy a beauty book?


Askmewhats said...

well..only when they're on sale! I bought 1 because it came out really cheap and they have a lot of pictures/illustrations! :)

Connie De Alwis said...

I keep wanting to but I can never decide which to buy. I don't need a book with severely airbrushed models telling me that I should apply blush on the apples of the cheeks (which I personally don't believe in!)
Even if there's helpful information, it's probably just one passage and not worth buying and entire book for. I recently bought a (cheap) book on eyebrow grooming. The content is not too bad but the pictures were atrocious. We're talking 80s brows

Tine said...

I did buy Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual. That's about the only makeup-related book I've bought so far. I do like to buy fashion-related books though: information on the industry, etiquette, style, etc :)

Yani said...

Err ... actually I'm a sucker for them, hahaha. But seriously, I tend to get the ones that focus on the skin, or books related to treatments. :)

Lenna said...

Nope. I figure that first of all, the internet will tell me stuff for free. Second, who knows how soon some of the styles in the book will go out of fashion? I'd probably buy a book and then the next day, it is arbitrarily decided that the styles in the book are silly. Xp

Most of the books I end buying are for learning various random languages I want to know...lol

The Drone said...

I'm itching to get the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual! Is it any good?

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

I don't usually buy books by makeup artists/fashion designers per se, but I do buy books about beauty such as The Goddess Guide and How To Walk In High Heels. Fabulous reads IMO.

Anonymous said...

I got my bobbi brown make up manual from book excess in amcorp mall at 39.90. Was so happy I got them cheap. They have more go check book excess!!! If I have to pay original price for it I don't think I would have enough money to do so.