October 12, 2010

Trying to understand Cellnique's Body Plush Emulsion Wash

See, I don't get this wash. Not that it's a bad wash mind you, but I honestly don't get what possessed Cellnique to market it. For one thing, it comes in a tiny 250ml bottle - which is a size you associate more with a facial cleanser than a body wash - and for another, they're pricing this tiny bottle at RM59. At least, the price tag on the bottle they sent me to test says this tiny thing is RM59. Well, who knows? Maybe it's phenomenal and worth it. 

So I read the press release it comes with:
"An invigorating burst of fragrant sumptuousness; and a gentle caress of velvety opulence. Formulated with a bouquet of rich, moisturizing ingredients, the silky cream coats the skin like a layer of gossamer. Perfumed with the finest essence of Orange, the cream's spellbinding scent envelopes you in a sweet-smelling cocoon, and intoxicates you with its aroma-therapeutic fragrance. In spite of its lavish thickness, the cream rinses off easily, while leaving the skin feeling deliciously soft and sinfully smooth. The gorgeous scent of citrus - though not overpowering - lingers lightly on the skin long after you step out of the shower." 

Well they weren't short on superlatives were they? 

The bottle itself promises that "just a few rubs produces a thick soufflé of foam". Well, thought I, maybe that's it. ONE pump, a few rubs, and poof much foam! Visions of too many pumps leading to cries for help as I slowly drown in sweetly orange scented soufflé-like foam caused me to pump with caution.

Eh? It foams up like any NORMAL wash. Granted, it's highly concentrated and I only need at most 2 pumps for my entire body, but even so... where's my pillows of foam? Where's my soufflé? 

The scent
Scented with sweet orange, this really is quite a lovely citrus cocktail-y scent. It smells, to me, like a far more concentrated version of St Ives Energizing Citrus body wash. As a citrus-lover I find the scent to be the best part about the wash. And yet... it falls short of addictive for me. I haven't figured out why yet. 

The press release, and the bottle of the wash itself, promises to be highly moisturising and soothing to dry skin. I found the wash to be emollient and great for shaving my legs, but even though I don't really have dry skin, I could not go the week without applying a light body lotion - particularly on my legs. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, but the claims were just so over the top I thought that using this wash would result in the ability to forgo lotion altogether. 

This really is a nice body wash, but cosmetic companies really should be wary of over-promising and under-delivering. The high price point for the small amount of product leads you to expect angels singing and sparkly fairy dust to appear in your shower. The copy promises EVEN MORE. And yet... it's just a pretty standard, maybe slightly more concentrated and emollient body wash. 

I support Cellnique and am a fan of its Skin Action Sebum Gel. But man, their marketing needs work. For example, their new tagline reads, "You deserve better". >_<


Anonymous said...

OMG, it's like they got Anne Rice to write the press release or something! 8-D

Foong Jin said...

LOL @ the press release. They needed the money to pay for the ad agency for the OTT statement!

Connie De Alwis said...

LOL! Very well-written post! I wasn't aware of the press release :p I'm still trying to figure this wash out myself. The scent is divine, for sure. But I've been trying to ignore the fact that it's a tiny bottle with not a lot of product. Maybe they're trying to do the whole high end body wash thing? I don't think L'Occitane's body washes come in very big bottles either.