October 11, 2010

Getting to Know You. Yes. You.

And your indulgences as well.

Alrightey. So since it's a Monday, let's take things easy and get things chugging along.

You know, it suddenly occurred to me that I don't really know much about many of you. Hence, I was thinking we could get to know each other a little bit more. I mean, I already know you're a makeup junkie.

(Stop living in denial. Why else would you be troweling through a makeup blog, right?)

But I was hoping you could indulge me by sharing with me a little bit of yourself (ie. age, where you're from, what are you doing now) and your other indulgences (ie. bags, shoes, books etc). Besides makeup, and skincare and haircare etc, what else do you allow yourself to indulge in?

And I'll start with mine.

I am 27. I was born and brought up in Kuala Lumpur, and have lived here almost all my life. I'm currently a journalist with an English daily, and I'm happy to have a job that lets me do what I love - writing.

Apart from makeup, there are a few things that I'm quite passionate about. Among which include:

1. Books - Ahh... I just love them. One of my favourite indulgences is to curl up in bed (or on the couch) with a great book and get whisked away to someplace else. L.M. Montgomery and Neil Gaiman count as two of my favourite authors. At the moment I'm loving Robin Hobb. So far, it's two book shelves and counting. *hehe*

2. Photography - My interest in photography started a while back, I suppose. Since my daddy taught me about shutter speeds and apertures when I was a lot younger. Today, I own a Canon DLSR 500D (with 2 extra lenses) and a Canon S90, both of which I'm really happy with!

3. Stationery - Okay. So I don't go craaaazy over stationery, but I do love 'em. I love each and every single one of my pens, and I hate it when I misplace even one (even if there are currently uhh... 9 in my bag). Yeah.. so uhh.. stationery.

4. Travelling - At the moment, my priority to see the world a little bit more. Always looking forward to the next trip. Crossing my fingers, that should be New Zealand! =D

5. Ice cream - And what's indulgences if food is not mentioned, eh? I really love me some ice cream, and I get my occasional kick from Baskin Robbins. Rum and raisin, and Maui Brownie Madness. YUM!

Your turn now!


Tine said...

Haha good one. I would say that you already know me, but for fun's sake, let's do this! :P

I hit the big 3-0 this year and am starting to feel a bit of an auntie. Yikes. Born and brought up in Penang, but am now living in Melbourne after I got married about 3 years ago. I do like makeup, but I love skincare more.

I love bags and magazines, but not as much as I love books. I've recently taken to reading ebooks on my iPad because I've run out of space to keep physical books :(

Like you, I love stationery. I have so many new notebooks that I daren't make a mark in, it's silly. But I know I'll buy more :P

I love dimsum, so much so I have it at least once a week.

I love jewellery, making them, wearing them (well duh :P :P)

That's it! :)

Jenn said...

The 1st picture is too cute!! :D

I'm 26 this year! I'm a purebred Penangite (explains my huge tummy! :P) and have lived here all my life (except for that one year stint in India). Currently a full time corporate slave

I have a MAC addiction problem and i cannot walk out of a MAC store empty handed (i think you know that! :P). lol! Other than that I am hopelessly addicted to buying shoes too (half of which i can't walk properly in)! :P

I love travelling also! Thank Goodness for Air Asia, now poor broke me can afford to travel too! :P I hope to go to Taiwan and the Philippines soon! :D

Thats all for now! Happy Monday Syen!! :D

GLaM PiNk said...

Your book collection is so yummy...

I'll be 29 on the 22 oct... and i've been living in Kl my whole life. Still looking for a better job while still stuck in this unfair and hypocrite company... and also a part time business student.

A pink frenzy and beauty products addiction.... especially when its a limited edition or warehouse sales!i would absolutely prefer to starve to get my itchy hands on those lovely things on my low wages that comes with my crazy appetite for beauty products...i can never get enough of it...

Well my crazy addiction not only on makeup only... i love foods too.... me and my fiancee, we love to hunt new places and try new things... (ok now i hungry ;p)

I love love love books too... i'm addicted to sophie kinsella, dan brown and stieg larsson. and i heart twilight too ;p i like fantasy chick lit books as i like to be in that world,escape from all the stress crazy environments nowadays..emmm.... oh yeah i have crazy addiction on japanese magazine too... even i don't know understand what they've written there hahaha.... but i love to read their fashion, beauty and nails section... and love their free gift too ;p

Another crazy things i like to do is to camwhore hahaha

I love shoes... i have lots of boxes filled with shoes.. some i don't even wear!

I love to collect cute2 things such as people paper clips, flamingo pen, mugs, keychain, color pens and pencils, cute notebooks, etc.

gosh it seems like i have alot of things in my room... but i'm a very organized freaks..

well thats about it i think.. hahaha... have a great week!

Connie De Alwis said...

Very good to know more about you! Didn't know about the ice cream obsession, that's for sure.

Ok, here goes.

I'm 23, born in KL but raised in like 6 houses to date... I think.

My passion for makeup was unexpected and it was something that I grew to love with the desire to improve myself.

My other love are the creepy crawlies. Tarantulas, lizards, snakes, scorpions, frogs... and some of the cuter exotics like sugar gliders and hedgehogs.

Please don't get me started on food. There's hardly anything that I don't like.

meiping said...

This is a great idea. x)

I'm fourteen hoping to earn some little cash for my own expenses when I touch 15 (nuffnang! :P) I'm from Selangor and my hometown is also Selangor. :P I'm currently getting ready for school. 8D

I have a really high obsession of different stuff when I'm in a different mood. :X

I'd say my obsession now would be some shoes. Ballet flats to be exact. :D

That's all for now or I'll be late for school. x)

Syen said...

Thanks for all your sharing ladies. Loved reading through them. =D

Tine: Hahaha.. When I was young I wanted to own a stationery shop when I grew up so all the pens and other stationery could be MINE!! LOL.

Connie: Oh yea.. you and your creepy crawlies. Eeks! =P

Hanna said...

I'm 24. I live in a tiny country in Northern Europe - Estonia. I work in an, uh, health and beauty type of store, and one might think of it as a dream job for someone like me, but the reality is that I'd much rather do something else.

I also like books a lot (and Neil Gaiman, too).
I'm slightly Star Trek obsessed. Well, technically, I'm really into sci-fi in general, but Star Trek is just a bit special for me, I suppose.

I used to study philology, but I quit about halfway through. I've now decided that I'd rather study physics or chemistry (but physics is way more likely).

I absolutely need to know how everything works. Ever since I was a wee little girl, I've taken apart everything from flashlights to sewing machines. My mom used to joke about me being born with a screwdriver in hand.

Paris B said...

I'll play :)

I'm *cough*30something*cough* and I've attained bag nirvana so I'm now on a bag ban. I can read maps and fix things and solve puzzles.

I'm not good with numbers and I don't like pina colada but I like getting caught in the rain and the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne ;)

I enjoy driving and gadgets I have 2 overflowing book cases and I have a colony of vampires living upstairs. At least that's what I think coz there is a LOT of noise at night -_-

Eli said...

I GOT TO PLAY WITH BABY TURTLES TODAY! (Yes, it was part of my job. I love my job, I really really do)

Hmm, I have moved 12 times so far (15 if I include my time in Australia). Favourite books are Milan Kundera's "Unbearable Lightness of Being", Dodie Smith's "I Capture the Castle", Gabriel Garcia Marquez' "Love in the Time of Cholera", Kawabata's "Beauty and Silence" and all his short stories.

Oh, and anything by Murakami. Reading him is like reading a grownup and modernised version of Alice in Wonderland.

ksuan said...

23, former journalist/now researcher, Malaysia - Hong Kong - Malaysia - USA - Australia - France - Australia - Malaysia - Singapore :)

I'm with Eli, I love Murakami: my favourites of his are Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman and Norwegian Wood. I also love books in general; favourite authors include Jose Saramago, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Amy Tan, Jane Austen, Roald Dahl and Milan Kundera.

I also love shoes, although I can't say that my shoes nor my funky-shaped feet agree.

My other great love is music: I don't think anything else brings me so much joy :)

... and since I am a very proud nerd/geek, I <3 The Big Bang Theory. Live long and prosper.

Kahani said...

Just got back from a Street Jazz dance class fulfilling an age-old resolve to pick up dance again. I think though that my inner ballerina won't let me get hoochie enough.

Loves include books, beagles, beauty and broadway. The rest don't start with B.

Shoes are definitely a weakness . As are dresses. And well... too many lah.

Syen said...

Hanna: Hello there! Thanks for sharing and commenting! Hahah.. you sound like McGyver's daughter or something. =P

Paris: Hehehe... any of them vampires are as cute as Edward Cullen? =P And oh.. yay! I can read maps too! =)

Eli + Ksuan: Ah. Dahl is another favourite of mine. Hmmm.. I feel like I should check out Kundera and Murakami now. And you both are super movers! Thanks for sharing!

Ksuan: How did you end up living in US, Australia and France?

Kahani: Hahaha... oh yes, your shoes. =P

Aiulura said...

Let's seee....I just turned 21 this past Saturday. I am a Biotechnology student about to graduate and hopefully then go on to Grad School to get a Ph.D. I've lived in the Midwestern part of the USA all my life but I wanna go overseas for vacation someday when I have the money for it.

I like Scifi shows (Firefly and Doctor Who mostly) and random fantasy books (Anne Rice, Wicked, Mists of Avalon). I like stationary, especially Hello Kitty stuff. And video games...I like video games.

I like photograpy too, but my camera got stolen so it's been awhile since I had a better camera than my picture phone. I also kind of like anime, but I don't really watch it anymore.

ksuan said...

Hey Syen,

Managed to live in the US, Australia and France all for school/uni :) High school exchange in the US, Australia for high school and then university, and France on university exchange program for a year. Am itching to return to Europe, too!