November 04, 2010

Blogger marketing, done right

I never intended this blog to be a soapbox, and for that I'm truly sorry to our loyal beauty readers who are shaking their heads and saying "get over it already, woman!". But it seems unfair of me to merely criticize and not offer suggestions. So I thought I'd offer some examples of blog marketing initiatives that I found really impressive that maximise, not undermine, the unique value that blogs present.

First off, let's get three general blog values down. Why do people read blogs and what sets them apart from mainstream media? (Let me know if you disagree with any of the following):
  1. Blogs are personal - You read blogs for the bloggers and their individual unique value. Any blog post that doesn't sound like the blogger, is therefore, counterproductive.  
  2. Bloggers have opinions - Right or wrong, the opinion expressed should be the bloggers own. If it's paid for, even if the blogger agrees, credibility is undermined. Advertisers LOVE this credibility as it amounts to word-of-mouth advertising - which 90% of consumers trust. Unlike mainstream advertising which, although audited, leaves most skeptical. So, anything that undermines credibility is also not a good thing. 
  3. Blogs are unique - Unlike professional, polished mainstream media, blogs can be downright odd. I mean, there's a plant who blogs. So making a bunch of blogs sound alike, or all carrying the same professional impersonal tone, would again just not work.  
So, the above points are what makes blogs worth reading and why advertisers are desperate to get on board. What marketing campaigns would encourage rather than squash the above? Here are a few I've spotted - they are network and advertiser neutral by the way. One is even by Nuffnang. Australia. ;)

Give bloggers funds or vouchers to spend on a challenge
Why this works:
  1. Even if bloggers don't win, they are compensated for time and effort.
  2. It gives bloggers a chance to their charming, individual and quirky selves. 
  3. Each post from the campaign will be unique and no one will be bored. 

Select bloggers wisely and give them an unforgettable experience
Why this works:
  1. It captures the imagination. Even bloggers who aren't participating will blog about you.
  2. The bloggers who go on this experience will blog. And because it is unforgettable and amazing, their posts will reflect that.
  3. If you make it a competition, make sure the experience is truly wonderful - trip to Paris / year on an Island wonderful. A party/media event does not qualify (I'm just sayin...).
Examples (betcha thought I was just making up these experiences):

Find a blogger doing something amazing and sponsor them to make it even better
Why it works:
  1. You become the fairy godmother. The up-to-date brand that's "with-it". And guess what? You kinda really are. =)
  2. You let bloggers continue to retain their unique value and integrity (if you let them do what they please with your products and not control them) and you enable them to achieve even more. 
OK Go sponsored by Samsung

So the last one, I'll admit is rather special. And there are many smaller, subtler ways advertisers can work with bloggers, which I won't bother you with. But although I've named only three, there's a world of ways advertising, marketing and blogging can converge. On top of it, I've listed only ones that have been done. There are so many wild ideas swimming out there that are in potentia.

Got any?


Askmewhats said...

I can't agree with you more! I've got a couple of companies probably emailing me asking me to do this and do that and I just tell them "Sorry, I do the post base on my choice". Some companies are good, they are open for suggestions! They would even say to blog the way you blog and just let us know what we can do! (Like Sponsor a giveaway maybe?)

As long as our blog integrity and "feel" does not change and you still have the freedom to do what you want, I would work with a company like that :)

I love this post Kahani! Companies should read!

Jessteong said...

thumbs up!
blogging is doing what you like~
it's yours and it's personal, if all blogger are the same, this blogging world would be so so boring and it sounds 'FAKE'
some individual or company should learn how to accept difference and different opinion or even critics, if they use these information wisely, well, they could create a better product in the future
Keep the blogging spirit up =)
Have a nice day ahead!

Lavender said...

Very well written! I agree with u.

Cris said...

True, we read blogs because each one has its own unique voice and perspective on things. Very thoughtful post :).

Connie De Alwis said...

LMAO!! Blogging plant. I should get my cat to blog. "I slept on the ironing board today". "They refuse to feed me Whiskers and insist that I eat that 'holistic' tasteless crap. Guess I'm living off the dogs' chow for now"