November 03, 2010

Review: Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation

Nothing beats Bobbi Brown for base makeup.

I tried looking for a usable drugstore liquid foundation for the longest time but nothing -- not even the famed Revlon Colourstay foundation -- matched my skintone. They were either too pink, too light or too dark. I couldn't carry off any of them unless I was going to be in a really dark room with a single candle.

Thank goodness for Bobbi Brown.
I have been using this foundation for a month now and am quite pleased with it. It provides medium coverage without looking or feeling unnaturally heavy or overly matte. This is an oil-free formulation and oil control is fairly decent -- I only have to blot off a very light layer oil at around lunchtime and touch up with some powder if needed.

My favourite method of applying this foundation is to stipple it on with my MAC 187 skunk brush and follow up by gently pressing the foundation onto my skin with my fingertips as it lasts longer. Applying with my fingers is faster but stippling leaves me with an almost air-brushed finish. Plus, I only need one pump to cover my face. I use about 1.5 pumps when I use my fingers.

The Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation retails for about RM 150 (I think, could be RM 110) at all Bobbi Brown makeup counters. A bit pricer than most others, I think that it's a worth-while buy. All I need is one pump so 30ml should last for quite a while. Plus, it actually matches my skin tone.


Bliss Girl said...

Bobbi Brown is a favorite especially for foundations!

Askmewhats said...

goodness, I wish I can finish all the current foundation I own so I can have excuse to purchase the BB Foundation, I heard they are really good! thanks for this!

xin said...

mine skin foundation finishing VERY soon too, in fact i am just digging out from the bottle now. definitely will get another BB foundation!

ksuan said...

Bless Bobbi Brown indeed. I liked this one too, bar the funky maraschino cherry-like scent. Coverage was excellent.

Stephanie / Yukaeshi said...

I had this before it was officially released in Malaysia, but it contained alcohol (Has a strong smell of alcohol when I applied it) and broke me out pretty badly.

It seems like Bobbi Brown's foundations and powders (Sheer pressed powder) breaks me out :\

Kahani said...

Oh noes. Now I wants. Does it have dimethicone, Eli?

Connie De Alwis said...

gosh, 2nd time I'm reading about how good of a foundation this one is. ahhh!!!

Eli said...

Bliss Girl: Don't forget her concealers!

Nikki: You should give this a try at least once.

Xin: Yay! Another BB lover. I am thinking of picking up another in No. 4 for dark days.

ksuan & Stephanie: Funky cherry scent? Alcohol? I think I need to take a another whiff as I didn't smell anything at all.

Kahani: Sorry, babe, but demethicone is is the 2nd or 3rd listed ingredient on the list. Boo.

Connie: This really is great stuff. Especially when it's stippled on.