November 08, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bit: Pantene Blogger Party & Makeover

I should warn you, there are ALOT of gratuitous vanity shots ahead. But after posing for almost two hours I feel like it's warranted! After participating in the Pantene 14-Day hair challenge, the nice people at Pantene treated us to a tea-party and makeover. Lest you think the review was "paid for" by this event, it wasn't really. They used the party for a press kit that went out to the media so everybody wins. :)

I however, am NOT in most of the shots that went out to the media due to the nature of my work and certain rules it brings. So here's my time in the limelight. *flicks hair*

Balloons, whee!

My makeup artist had the now gone and getting rarer legendary Shu Uemura brown eyeshadow. Syen, whatsit called again?

Getting a French Mani. No cowpatches here! It'd be way too distracting for the people I interview. *giggles*

before / after

All the bloggers together. With the cuppycakes.
Can you spot Eevon, Beetrice, Rinnah, ToughCookie, PrettyBeautiful, Connie and Plue? Jone, the lass in charge of the Pantene brand's marketing at P&G is lurking at the back (hint, she's in purple)

And with the team at Hair Atelier who worked so hard to make it happen. Thanks guys!
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Askmewhats said...

oh wow! everyone looks gorgeous!
Kahani, your hair is just gorgeous! And you look too cute with balloons!