November 25, 2010

Review: Mentholatum Mogatate Kajitsu Lip Balm in Lemon & Lime, White Peach, and Orange & Mango

I'm sure you've seen these colourful babies around, tempting you with their kawaii fruity goodness. These latest lip balms by mentholatum are actually quite as much fun to use as they look. Mentholatum was kind enough to send in all 5 flavours, but ripping through all five at once was rather well... greedy. So I compromised and selected the two that most appealed to me - lemon & lime and white peach. Then when Syen cracked open Mango & Orange, I got to give that a whirl too. 

Candy comparisons for these balms are inevitable. All the three I tried smell like one candy or another to me. And I'm sure strawberry and grape are both living in candy land too. The three I tried don't smell sickeningly sweet though (which is the fear I harbour for grape and strawberry) and have no flavour. They do have the signature Mentholatum tingle - not as fierce as Lip Ice but notiecable. Me likey. I know it's supposed to be irritating to lips, but heck, it's FUN. 

The balms contain beeswax (but probably not as high a quantity as Burts Bees which tends to annoy my lips after awhile), fruit juice and honey. They also have squalene, grape seed oil, Vitamins A and E and very likely world peace. (Ok, kidding about the world peace part). 

I find them more moisturising than LipIce balms and Nivea balms and pretty great to use. I don't have very dry lips but I've been using these morning and night for over a week and have no problems with them. 
Lemon & Lime: My favourite. Are you surprised? A happy, cheery citrus cocktail of lemon lime that reminds me of Hacks lemon and/or lime sweets. Not the most glamorous as candies go, but yummy nonetheless. 

White Peach: Interestingly, Syen gets peach off this but I don't. I smell something milky and perhaps faintly peachy but really what it reminds me of is Watermelon Yum Yum Bubblegum.

Mango & Orange: What mango? This is straight up orange Sugus! (Now Sochews) Such nostalgia...  it's fun but a wee bitty sweet on a hot day for my taste. 

I understand these are Limited Edition, so I rushed this review a bit. At RM11.90 they're a little pricey to me, but still pretty good lip balms and fun to boot. Have you bought any? What flavour do you like? 

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beetrice said...

hehe...I guess they heard your wail on my post to bring it to KL! :p the grape one is pretty nyums too... ;)