November 26, 2010

Review: Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD732

Not the first Shiseido lipstick I've owned but certainly my first Perfect Rouge.

Apparently, Kahani took one look at it, and declared it "Syen's colour". And that's the short story of how it became mine.

And now that it is mine, I've gotten to know it a little bit better.

The shade RD732, also called Blush on the site (how apt for me), looks like a warm nude pink, but swatches extremely bright. I was rather surprised how bright it appeared when I layered it on a few times on my lips.

Unlike my usual fare of lipsticks, which usually lean on the sheerer, glossier end of the lipstick spectrum, this one's very pigmented. Make no mistake about that. Applied with a lipbalm underneath though, this creamy lipstick's given me no problems with dry lips.

(Apologies, no photos of me wearing it as my face refuses to cooperate. So I tried a swatch photo instead. Colour on the right is swiped once, and the one on the left, swiped three times.)

I suppose it should have no issues either staying on for a good few hours, but I've never been particularly observant in this area. I'm hardly the best judge of a lipstick's lifespan on my lips either, as I rather happen to like reapplying my lippies.

Hopeless, me.

It comes encased in a pretty, solid metal casing. Similar to Kahani's Legende, I did notice it always felt cool to the touch. Nice.

It's got a bit of glam, and at RM95 a tube, you should be expecting it.

Of late, I've found myself liking this lipstick a lot. Swipe it on thicker if you're keeping everything else light, or swipe it on light if you've got your face full of war paint. It's versatile that way, and very wearable.

I'm liking it a lot indeed. Have you tried it?

Note: This product was provided for review.


MilknCookiie said...

The shade looks like it can be a very flattering red for asian skintones. I would never choose a bright red lipstick myself but this shade has a bit of berry/pink so I actually quite like it.

♥ Milk

Anonymous said...

I have this shade too! T'was a nice shade..pretty pink on me but leans on the neutral side that you can wear day or night. Just enough that doesn't look hey i have lipstick on me nor mute my lips. It's a pretty healthy pink!