November 12, 2010

Review: Olay Cream Cleanser

I love cream cleansers.

I love that they're creamy (uhh.. duh) and on a light makeup day, it's pretty much sufficient to remove my makeup (powder and blush), without having to do the whole massageoilcleanserinroutine.


I love them almost as much Kahani hates them. And she hates them with a burning passion. Interesting we're besties, no?

This one was an impulse purchase. I hadn't planned to buy it, but since I happened to be in the mood to pick up a facial cleanser, and this piqued my interest, I thought why not?

And turns out I picked a winner.

As I've mentioned earlier, this one's a cream cleanser, and hence, it does not lather at all. It goes on creamy and smooth, with (very) slight scrubby action as it does contain some microbeads. But the exfoliation factor is very minor, in my opinion.

It rinses of easily, leaving my skin clean and soft, and it does not cause any dryness or tightness. Another round of washing with my HG Cetaphil, and my skin is happy and clean. A quick toner swipe test revealed no hidden residues on my face.

But what I love this about cleanser is that despite it being a rather "heavy" cleanser (what with cream and all), it has never caused me to break out. And when I toted it along for my UK trip earlier this year, it really impressed me. My skin has a tendency to go raving mad, dry out and erupt on me when I travel. But this time, it did not.

Cream did serve me well, and I've been using it every time I travel. It's in a relatively slim tube too, so all the better for travelling.

A 100g tube cost about RM14 so it's definitely easy on the wallet. Conclusion? This is a great affordable cream cleanser. Would I repurchase? Yes.

I love cream cleansers. But you already know that by now.


The Undercover Gypsy said...

Hey Syen! The Olay Total Effects range is pretty much HG routine for me...but I hadn't used the cream cleanser after they revamped the packaging - I used to use to the old TE cream cleanser in the black and white shiny (opposed to the now matte) tube....good to hear some things don't change just because the packaging did :)
Thanks for the review!

AskMeWhats said...

Would you believe I haven't review ANY Olay products? I've used Olay cleanser once when I wasn't a blogger yet and 1 olay moisturizer and both does not do anything on my skin, that's probably the reason why! Thanks for this reveiw :)

xin said...

for some reasons, but skin just can't agree with olay products. it either breaks me out or clogs my skin. but my mom loves olay products =/

Syen said...

Gypsy: I don't think I've tried the one in the old packaging, so I've no way of comparing. But the new one sure rocks in my books!

Nikki: Aww.. sorry to hear it does nothing for you. Different stuff work differently on different people, I guess.

Xin: Oh dear. Stay far far away from it then! My mom uses Olay moisturiser too.