November 11, 2010

Guest Review: Hugo Boss Bottled NIght

A male fragrance needs a man to review it. So meet Kenwick ladies. He's roadtested the cologne for a few weeks and here's what he thinks of it:




These are the words that came to mind when I spritzed on Hugo Boss Bottled Night before an outing one evening.

My first impression; I liked it. The pleasant, not overpowering aroma made me feel energised and my confidence level did go up a notch. The fragrance has a mild musky scent, which I attribute to the louro amarelo wood ingredient, making it an ideal night scent for the casual night about town.

After I left home and met up with my friends, I noticed the scent took on a warm subtle tone having been warmed by my body temperature.. However, it didn’t linger all night and could only be faintly picked up if the nose was very near to the skin.

My outfit that evening was a well-fitted (not body hugging) polo t-shirt and straight-leg jeans, and the scent fitted well with this casual ensemble.

Simple jeans or casual slacks but not cargo shorts or bermudas
It would also go well with a nicely pressed shirt with casual slacks and chic sandals (ie the leather ones) or loafers with no socks.

A casual ZaraMan top like this or any solid colour shirt will do

If you go basic black like spokesman Ryan Reynolds in the Hugo Boss Bottled Night advertisement or any other solids, you’ll be fine too. I'm not sure how this would work for black-tie evenings though as its lasting power may not tide you through the night.

I’d recommend this scent to any young urban male who enjoys life and is comfortable in his own skin whether it is out with his friends at the mamak stall or chic café. This is a decidedly young fragrance, so more mature men might want to give this a miss.

Hugo Boss Bottled Night retails RM154 for 30ml

Kahani: My initial impression of the fragrance is here with the writeup of the launch of the fragrance

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