December 14, 2010

Interview review: Ocean Potion Anti-Aging Face Moisturiser SPF30 with Retinol

Disclaimer: Ocean Potion is running advertorials and a competition via Advertlets. This post is neither. It is an honest unpaid review. The product was provided for review by Ocean Potion. 

My mom's a devout believer in sun protection and yay for her! So when I saw this product on Ocean Potion's lineup I thought it was brilliant and asked for it on her behalf. She used this for a month and here's her take on it.  

Mom, aged 52, Skin: Dry, fair and prone to freckles. Never breaks out. 
"I found this really pleasant to use. It's a good moisturiser and goes on very smoothly. However, I think SPF30 isn't enough sun protection for me now I'm not working and in the garden alot as I noticed more freckles appearing compared to when I use SPF50. I haven't noticed any anti-aging effects but wouldn't mind trying this in SPF50." 
(Mom's been using Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense with SPF 50PA+++ and absolutely loves it) 

At an affordable RM30.80 for 89ml, it's worth checking out the SPF50 range if you're looking for a face SPF and moisturiser in one. But don't expect miracles as Retinol increases sun sensitivity, so I doubt they would add clinical amounts. With luck, the Retinol (an AHA) will help smoothen and exfoliate skin slightly. Ocean Potion is available at Watsons.  

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Syen said...

Hey babe. What's the texture like? It more watery, or is it quite thick? Looks interesting. Will consider giving it a spin once I'm out of sunblock. =)