December 15, 2010

Steam Cream: Miracle or Hype?

Let’s have a show of hands, ladies. How many of you have been suckered into buying a product just because the packaging was cool/ cute/ pretty?

You at the back wearing blue, are you really sure that you haven’t done it before? It doesn’t have to be beauty-related – it could be a pen, a water bottle, a mug…

Aha, your hand just went up. Don’t look sheepish, we have all done it before.

The first time I saw Steam Cream, I squealed.

“Soooo cute!”

Packaged in aluminium tins (click here to find out why tin packaging is cool), Steam Cream’s main selling point is the design on the tin. There are quite a number of designs to pick from (see here) and there is bound to be a design for everyone.

I have a weakness for goldfish and koi so it’s no surprise that I fell for the Kingyo design. When I found out that it was going to be discontinued, I threatened my best friend in UK with bodily harm until she agreed to get it for me.

(Actually, I sent her several emails saying “I want I want I want I want. Should I get? Should I get? Should I get?” and she replied with “I got it for you so stop asking.”)

When I got it, I squealed and cooed over the pretty packaging. Then I sat down to use the cream.

A lot of people love and adore Steam Cream because of its light, whipped cream-like consistency and rave over how quickly it sinks in and how moisturising it is. Unfortunately for me, the cream just sat on my skin and refused to sink in, even after 10 minutes of massaging it into my hands (it was a slow day at my office). I gave up after a while and wiped off the excess with a tissue so my keyboard didn’t get oily.

I was disappointed.

It makes one wonder though: how many of us bought Steam Cream for the cream and how many bought it for the tin? Based on my experience, I guess that I fall into the second category – the cream was just a bonus.

Steam Cream gets brownie points for pretty packaging and the lovely lavender scent. I also find playing with the tin whenever I hit a wall at work quite relaxing (I am using this as my office hand cream). However, the cream itself does not quite work for my skin so that’s a huge thumbs down from me.

I am not sure where Steam Cream can be found in Malaysia (I heard of local blogshops selling it so give a shout out if you know of any) but it can be ordered from the Steam Cream website for GBP 10 until 31st December 2010.


Tine said...

I certainly bought mine for the tin. Was actually quite disappointed with the cream as well. It just kinda "sat there" on my skin. Love the tin though ;)

Paris B said...

Tin is pretty, contents are meh. If it came in a plastic tub and was sold in a pharmacy no one would look twice at it.

plue said...

the cream only works on my cracked heels, and no where else on my face and body :(

lovely tin, but horrible packaging me thinks.

Syen said...

Oh dear.. Thanks for your review babe. With such gorgeous packaging, I was even thinking of braving the lavender scent, but as all of you say that contents are "meh", I think I'll be happy to give it a pass. =P

Adrianna said...

I bought a tin in Kingyo upon reading it in Musings of a Muse.Yes,it did sit on my skin but sinks in after awhile and cured the flakies on my face.Due to the price after factoring in shipping,I've since moved onto Sukin which can be bought locally.

Kahani said...

Yay for Eli calling out that the emperor has no clothes!

I think in really really dry countries the cream may be a godsend. But we live in a jungle, yo!

Locally, you can buy SteamCream from Serendipity at RM63 a tin

Connie De Alwis said...

I love the tin designs (will be ordering the Earth one soon) and the content's not too bad for me. Probably because my skin's really dry.