December 22, 2010

It Don't Work No More: The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

Ever had a product which worked but stopped working after you moved to a different climate?

I have. Lots, in fact. The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost is one of them.

I absolutely loved this stuff while I was in Australia. It kept pimples at bay, helped to heal blemishes really quickly and made my skin look brighter after weeks of regular use.

Cue my return to Malaysia.

After months of bad skin, I figured out that my breakouts were triggered by Skin Boost. Each use resulted in clogged pores all around my jawline and cheeks. Plus, my skin looked really dull. Talk about running to extreme opposite results!

The only explanation I can think of is that my skin can't handle high dimethicone content in humid weather. Maybe the dimethicome seals in everything and prevents the gunk from coming out; something which is fine in dry weather as it prevents my skin from drying out but is disaster in humid climates as my skin needs to breathe.

That's one less product on my shelf.

On the bright side, I can stop cursing each time Skin Boost is 2/3s empty. One of my major grouses with TBS is that the packaging for this product is so darn inefficient, a good third of the product fails to be pumped out of the bottle and ends up staying in the bottle in spite of my best efforts to scrape it all out.

Grrr. I hate wastage.

Let's hope that the new packaging is more efficient.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost serum retails at RM85 for 30 ml (more like 20ml since you only get to use 2/3s).


Erny said...

I bought mine, like one month ago. And it didn't work at all. It clogged up my pores big time. Now, I have just stopped using, and can see my complexion clearing up each day.
Damn sad actually, cz manyy good reviews bout it.

Connie De Alwis said...

Sighs. I bought this too and it did practically nothing for my skin. I also hated the feel of silicone as part of my skin care. When I apply moisturizer over it, it'll just sit there
i'm sorry it's not working out for you either

Syen said...

Oh boo. It didn't really work for me either. I heard great things about it, so I picked up a bottle (old packaging), but after a few weeks, didn't really see any difference either. Oh well...

Eli said...

Erny: I know how you feel! It took my skin ages to clear. Finally looks better now.

Connie: I quite disliked the heavy silicone feel as well.

Syen: I remember someone telling me that the Vitamin C content in Skin Boost is quite minimal (less that 1%) so it takes ages to see a difference.

Petra said...

Vitamin C dies pretty easily in the sun and heat. I'm planning to try lime/lemon/orange juice, fresh, direct on my face.

Kahani said...

Petra: Don't you DARE. You have sensitive skin and will likely peel, bleach and burn. If you want to use Vitamin C, try Silk Naturals' it'll likely agree with your skin it's a bit emollient for mine.

Annette said...

This is an old post but I thought I would share what I use for vitamin c (and it makes a HUGE difference - my skin is so much more even toned and brighter).... I DIY my own. It's so simple, and each batch of mine can last two weeks in a dark drawer. I posted a review on makeupalley under the nickname luxferi, and the only thing I changed is the recipe I use. It now consists of L-ascorbic powder (dirt cheap, bought from bulkactives), glycerin, hyaluronic acid and rosewater. As you can see, no silicone ingredients, and you can adjust your own vit c percentage. And it only takes 10 mins and a whole lot of fun to make. :-)

Kahani said...

Thanks Annette!