December 21, 2010

Shopping in Bangkok!

Hello lovelies,

So I'm guessing you would have already seen what I got from Bangkok. And while it's not exactly a big haul... I was rather happy all the same.

I was wandering around pretty much on my own for a couple of days, and getting around via a taxi or their subway or sky train is easy enough. Both are extremely affordable and safe enough.

Just a little note about taxis though. They are supposed to use the metre (insist on it), but I think they try to circumvent that by tipping themselves! So check your change after you pay them. You never know if the taxi driver has helped himself to a lot more than he should.

And as promised, here's a list of some of the places where I had better luck at splashing my cash.

So here goes... read on!

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market
First thing to remember - Chatuchak is ONLY open during weekends. The place is HUGE and it's packed and extremely hot during the day. From what I hear, 9am or 10am is the best time to hit the market, when the place is just opened for the day, and you might be spared of the jostling elbows and body odour.

The market is split into several sections. One section is for clothes and stuff which are mass produced, so while it's cheaper, quality may not be great. There is another section (so said my friend) where many of the pieces are handmade. I found a gorgeous dress here. Sadly though, it was way too big for me. So no go.

2. Platinum Mall
Platinum Mall seems to be agree with me. And it's certainly a mall for the ladies. Dresses, tops, skirts, belts, shoes, bags etc. Almost all of it is here. While I've read that products here might be cheaper, but at a cost to quality, I beg to differ slightly. Of course, there are plenty of cheap products that feel and look cheap. But dig through this place (and it's a HUGE place to dig through), and you will find pretty decent stuff.

I managed to find my two pretty dresses here, and for only RM20 each too! And for you ladies who love skirts, you should check out this shop called Sonrisa. I love their skirts and I've picked up three from that shop for about RM40-ish each so far.

Platinum recently expanded to include a newer mall (also called Platinum) next to the old Platinum, and it's a lot more organised and slightly less overwhelming. And on the top most floor of this mall, is where I found my three pairs of lovely shoes! So keep going. You never know what you'll find round the bend. *tee hee*

And oh. Here, they'll be more than happy to give you a lower price the more items you buy.

3. MBK
MBK is where I head to for bags. Almost the entire 2nd floor (if I remember correctly) are stores which sell nothing but baaags. And *cough fake cough* Mulberry seems to be a particular favourite with the shops here. Prices aren't cheap though.

I picked mine up for about RM200, but I find that it's rather well-made, so I was quite happy to fork out the cash. But do be a smart shopper and check for quality of the bag you're eyeing. And of course, bargain, bargain, bargain!

And if you have time and you're on the right floor, MBK has an entire flea-market section. Here you will find souvenirs, clothes, shoes and heaps of other stuff. And uber cute kids clothes too!

4. Siam Paragon
A high-end mall, my vice here is makeup! NARS is available here, and I picked up my NARS Outlaw blush for about RM103. But this was after a 15% discount. Not cheap, but oh well.

5. Boots
We haven't got Boots here. Enough said. *grin* If you're a product junkie like me and Kahani, then Boots should definite be on your list of places to shop. And lucky for you, they're pretty much everywhere too.

I hope this was helpful. Happy shopping!


AskMeWhats said...

You know what ? When I visited Bangkok, would you believe I wasn't much into clothing then and I bought mostly FOOD and gifts??? Oh my! I wanted to go back!!! So many inexpensive yet very fashionable items!!!

Petra said...

Well done on the first photograph, Syen.

Syen said...

Nikki: Hehehe... don't worry. I'm sure you'll be headed back there sometime.

Petra: Oh dear Pet. It's not mine! I didn't take any decent shots of Bangkok (was running around mostly on my own and was slightly paranoid about being robbed again), so I nicked that pic of the Net.