December 27, 2010

Monday's Beauty Bits: Crazy Rumors, Christmas Lip Balms, 11 Great Tips & Burberry Makeup,

Christmas is the time of year lip balm companies go to town. Kiehl's releases their LE flavours at this time, Lip Smackers goes mental, and Silk Naturals amps up the ante. It's taking ALL my self-control not to go nuts and try all seven new flavours. The formula's supposed to be even better than before (it was a little soft for our climate, but I loved the balms) and new flavours include Blueberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu and Maple Amaretto.

And as if that wasn't temptation enough, I find out that the legendary Crazy Rumors lip balm, they of the perfectly formulated vegan balms in COFFEE flavours, is available locally. Online. On Sale. *wibbles*

Lip balms aside, Malaysia is finally attracting the good stuff aye? The absolutely divine Burberry Makeup collection, that chances are I can't afford, is coming to Malaysia in January. So says ParisB of MyWomenStuff. Temptation cometh.

Check out these 11 tips by young punk makeup artist Sam on Makeup & Beauty Blog. It's been awhile since I've learnt something new like pepto bismal for pimples, corn starch for brushes, and the hair-mask trick sounds like something to use after a weekend on the beach and your hair is hay.


Iced Nyior said...


I think you forget the link to the 11 tips?

Kahani said...

Whoops! It seems I have. So sorry and tbthanks for pointing it out dear, fixing it now!