December 01, 2010

Review: MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer

The last time I was at the Sydney airport, I dropped by the MAC counter to see if I could pick up something to cover my pimples. Travelling tends to wreck havoc on my skin.

After much wrangling with the MA that I did not need an undereye concealer and explaining to him that MAC undereye concealers leave me looking 80 years old, I finally walked away with a Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC 30.

NC 30 is a bit of a mismatch for my skintone right now -- spending hours in the Borneo jungle tends to tan you -- but when it did match, Studio Sculpt worked pretty well in covering up pimples and acne scars.

Creamy and easy to spread, all you need to do is to apply this over problem spots and pat to blend it in. Set with some powder foundation or loose powder and then you are ready to go.

The main complaint I have with this concealer is that it doesn't last beyond lunch. After lunch, my scars and pimples are on public display for all to view. Boo hoo. I doubt I will be repurchasing this once I am done with it.

I don't remember how much I bought it for or how much Studio Sculpt retails for in Malaysia but the US price is USD 16.50.

Has anyone else tried this?


Jenn said...

It's RM72! :D

It lasts the whole day for me, but i find mine abit hard to blend la! :( That being said i better rediscover this little MAC gem - its been ages!! lol!! :D

AskMeWhats said...

Would you believe I don't own a single MAC concealer? I don't know why I never thought of purchasing them, maybe because I love using my Graftobian Foundation palette as concealer :)

Eli said...

Jenn: I had a problem blending as well but it blends in once you warm it up with your fingers.

Nikki: You have no idea how tempted I was the first time I saw your Graftobian palette! Decided against it as I am not a budding MA extraordinaire.