November 30, 2010

Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Makeup Remover

This is an interesting product. A water-based makeup remover that actually functions like a cleansing oil. Cool huh?

If you've got dry skin, use relatively light makeup and find cleansing oils too stripping, you're going to love this makeup remover. Before you read this review, please bear in mind that I have exceedingly oily skin and so I use cosmetics that are long-lasting, designed to last all day and therefore are very hard to remove. That being said, I was surprised how much I like this product although I don't think I can use it daily or will repurchase.
This addition to Hada Labo's hyaluronic acid "toing toing" range is, like the other products, quite a unique formula. It's water, not oil-based, and the fluid is a thick viscous, almost-but-not-quite jelly clear fluid. It has hyaluronic acid which is meant to make it moisturising but I have doubts about any product you wash off so swiftly having long-term benefit in this regard. However, because it's not oil based, it won't dissolve your skin's natural oils making it great for dry skins.

Like a cleansing oil, pump onto dry hands and massage it on your (dry) face until all makeup is broken down. Then rinse off with water. Because it's not oil based, I don't think you need to double cleanse if you don't want to - I do anyway and here's why

It doesn't remove ALL my heavy duty makeup and is defeated by waterproof mascara and liner. However, it doesn't do a horrible job either - only trace amounts of Revlon Colorstay are left and a single cotton pad will clean up the rest of your eye makeup. I find I prefer using this on days when I wear a mineral foundation (weekends only pretty much) and no eyeliner / mascara... or on days where I'm in the mood to take my time removing my makeup and giving my skin a thorough deep cleanse.

It does leave my skin feeling comfortable, not greasy, hydrated and yes.. a little "toing toing". Fun. It's also very refreshing, unlike cream cleansers that promise to be moisturising. No breakouts either although 3-days continuous use resulted in more clogged pores than usual. Oily skin at work again!

While it may not be THE product for me, I'm grateful to have had the chance to trial it out - it's not something I'd have picked out for myself as it won't let me take off all my makeup with one step. But those of you with dry skins, who tend to use light makeup, or at least foundation that isn't as fiercely waterproof, will likely love this. At RM39 it's reasonable as each bottle will probably last you 3-4 months with daily use. 

I was provided this product for review.

Go here for My Women Stuff's take on this product. She bought it ages ago in Singapore!

Now, I can't wait to try...
A dear friend just toted this back from England for me, it's Soap & Glory's shampoo and conditioner and I can't wait to see if it'll leave my locks smelling wonderously of Soap & Glory. I love the scent of their original pink products and if the quality is anything like their usual, I'm sure I'll love it. They retail at GBP5.11 each and Boots has a 3 for 2 offer going on now. Whee!


xin said...

now sometimes i triple cleanse my face because i feel so paranoid! =/ i definitely prefer cleansing water/oil with heavy duty performance

Anonymous said...

i tried S&G hair conditioner! so awful thou. lol

Kahani said...

xin: haha not for you then this one.

miss hazel: aww.. so far I admit I love it (after 3 uses).But I don't have dry or unmanageable hair. I think they have one just for hair that needs more conditioning.

Syen said...

Eeeks! Tempting tempting. Along with Hada Labo's Hyaluronic facial cleanser.