December 08, 2010

Review: Stage Picture Perfect Camouflage

One of the things I picked up during the last Stage Cosmetics sale was their Picture Perfect Camouflage. Usually priced at RM 55, it was selling at half-price for RM 27.50. What a steal.

The shade which I bought is "Ingénue Genie". What that means is anybody's guess -- I was far too busy jumping over the moon for joy. It seems that I have finally found a perfect concealer match!

This particular concealer is quite fluid and pigmented so it takes a couple of tries until you figure out how much (or little) you need. Once you do, a little goes a loooong way.

Just pat on and blend in. If it's the right colour match, this concealer will blend in like a dream. Covering pimples, blemishes and scars is easy with this product. Of course, pimples takes 2-3 layers but once set with powder foundation, the pimple is pretty much hidden for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, this concealer isn't pigmented enough for the undereye area. If you have light shadows, this might do the trick but for panda eyes, you are better off with an industrial strength concealer.

Best used with a primer (I am currently using Monistat), Picture Perfect Camouflage stays on for pretty much the whole day. Without a primer, you are looking at about 4-6 hours before it slips off.

I was hoping that this concealer could do double duty as a tinted moisturiser (when combined with moisturiser, of course) but mixing this with other products causes it to slip off faster. Boo. There goes my hope of lightening my travel bag.

Would I repurchase? Ooh, yes. But it'll take a while before I need to run out for a 2nd tube. As I said, a little of this goes a really long way...

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Askmewhats said...

base on the photo alone, I originally thought it aws a face highlighting cream or something :)