January 27, 2011

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy

The most arresting thing about the fragrance is its bottle - at least in the product shots. As soon as you get it out of the box what you're faced with is...
Disappointment. The cheap, light plastic peacock in particular could have been so much better. While I agree a glass topper would have been asking for trouble, at least a more solid, perspex number would have been prettier and weightier. 

The promise of the fragrance, like its advertisements, is also... well, fanciful:
Flight of Fancy invited the Anna Sui girl to find out who she was through the enchantment of discovery. Night of Fancy was about her exploring mischievous fantasies and the journey of mystery. Now, Anna Sui wants her to break free… Escape the bonds holding her back and do the things she never thought she could.
Well, alright. But what about the fragrance itself?

First spritz you get a hint of freshness, slightly citrusy - that would be the Yuzu, (Japanese grapefruit). But mostly you get Lychees. As it dries down... you get Lychees in sweet syrup with a hint of white florals. Eventually, you're left with a powdery drydown (Amber, Musk and White Woods) and the syrup. 

Despite the long list of notes, this is not a sophisticated or complex fragrance. In fact, it's quite teenie bopper. The only thing that saves it is that it remains fresh enough to not be too cloying or too annoying. I've been using it in the office and no one's complained. In fact, I find the sweet Lychee scent actually helps mask the smell of food court hair well without making it worse. 

Much better than the other Anna Sui fragrance I wanted to love because of its bottle - Secret Wish. That one's candy notes gave me such a headache I was clawing at my wrist with soap and water to get it off in under 15 minutes. 

Overall, I'll keep the pretty (if slightly disappointing) bottle on my desk. It's a sweet, fresh pleasant fragrance, and really Lychee seems to be the note in vogue these days. 

Flight of Fancy (LE) is already in stores and prices start at RM150 for the 30ml Eau de Toilette. There's also a shower gel (RM91) and Body Lotion (RM95) available.

Whoops, forgot to add that I received this bottle for review.


stevemoregan said...

my fren have it! the smell is very good, fresh! I like it very much. Though the packing is not that nice.

Kahani said...

stevemoregan: It's not a bad scent, just rather pricey for what it is. And I agree, that while I love the idea of the packaging, they could have done a much better job with the execution. =)

milktea said...

The peacock bottle-stopper is not made of glass??! Ooh, that's really cheap of them...