January 25, 2011

Cheapie + Goodie: Boots Ingredients Jasmine & Jasmine Rice Shower Gel

After trying and (absolutely) loving Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Shower Gel (which I cannot believe I have not reviewed... will do so in good time), I jumped at the chance to try out another shower gel from the Boots Ingredients range when opportunity arose.

While my olfactory functions are not exactly in top form, I can always tell what scents I don't like, and of late, what I do like.

And jasmine is one scent I likey very much.

It says moisturising and calming on the bottle, and that is quite precisely what it is. While I wouldn't count so much on its moisturising claim, it is very calming and quite a joy to use.

The texture is quite mild and it does foam up quite nicely, but not overly so.

Also, while it does say Jasmine Rice, I don't think this shower gel has any scrubby functions. It's purely a shower gel.

And at only £1.22 (RM5.95) a bottle, there is no doubt it is a cheapie.

Based on my rather limited experience, Boots makes rather decent shower gels for very reasonable prices. Given the opportunity, I certainly wouldn't mind trying out another shower gel or two.

I loves it a lot.

Have you tried it? Would you?


Foxy Frangipani said...

I've not tried their shower gel, but I have just finished the Jasmine & Jasmine Rice lotion.

Smelllssss soooo divine! :)

IF only we have Boots here.

Chien Yee said...

I believe the Bath Foams are exactly the same thing, for cheaper! I buy those :)
My all time fave is Mango and Orange Blossom
It's a decent shower gel, but doesn't really improve the moisture of my skin, so I only usually use it after a long stressful/depressing day - never fails to lift my mood :)

xobiianca said...

yes i agree! i have it in body lotion and it smells divine! hahah, now i feel like going thailand and stock up on boots ;)

Syen said...

Foxy: Oooh. But I'll not look at the body lotions for now. I have too many already! =P

Chien Yee: Yeah.. I love evening/night bathes. It's my me-time and a great way for me to unwind.

xobiianca: Don't well all! Haha.. thanks for stopping by and commenting! See you around more!

Nigel said...

Jasmine is an all time favorite of mine. It smells heavenly, although I haven't tried it. I certainly looks great.

Syen said...

Nigel: If you like jasmine then you really should give this a spin. =)

IcedNyior said...

Is there somewhere to get Boots here?

Syen said...

IcedNyior: Hi there! Unfortunately, no. We don't have Boots here in Malaysia. But if you have contacts in Sg or Thailand, they've got Boots there!