January 03, 2011

Monday's Beauty Roundup: Dec 2010 (+ a Lust List)

So. What's 2011 like for you so far?

I've had a pretty good weekend myself. Catching up with friends, spending some time with the family... it's been good.

Anyway, I know this seems a little passe, but before I go forth and tell you what I'm eyeing from a few Spring collections *grin*, here are what the ladies have been up to in Dec last year.

  • My Women Stuff: Want some photography 101? Paris shares a few pointers.
  • Askmewhats: Nikki shares her makeup tips for the BIG day.
  • Beetrice's Reviews: It's pink, it looks like a tampon, but it's a gun??? =P
  • Prettybeautiful: Oh looky what a beautiful palette Xin's got.
  • Lipglosseater: If you live in Penang, and you're makeup mad too, Jenn has good news for you.
  • Skindeco: Connie talks about blush and more blush here.
  • Red Luscious Lips: Hot mama Yani rocks this diabolical shade of red.
  • Beautyholics Anonymous: Makeup regrets? Tine shares her list of products that didn't quite make the cut.

And now for the Spring collections that I'm rather tempted by!

Benefit Bella Bamba - They don't call me Blush Princess for nothing. I've got one on the way! Whee! *grin*

MAC Cham-Pale Highlighter Powder in Rose Ole (and a few of the Paint Pots in this collection as well.)

Aren't they SO cute? These Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms just look so adorable!

And surprise, surprise... Chanel's spring collection this year is reeally calling out to me - the Ombres Perlees palette, the Espiegle blush (not in the photo), and the Rouge Cocos in both Peregrina and Jersey Rose.

That's my Lust List this spring. What's yours?


Paris B said...

Whee almost everything I'm eyeing plus there's that Guerlain blush and Dior's palettes and maybe a look at Lancome's pretty butterfly palette? ;) I read a blog that said the Chanel 5 colour palette faded and wasn't very pigmented. Lemming is now half dead. I'll have to check it out when it gets in.

xin said...

The chanel palette looks really good! But if what Paris B said is true, then too bad :(

Askmewhats said...

I want that cute Clinique lip balm that reminded me of crayons!

Ooooohhh more makeup for the year 2011

Syen said...

Paris: For some reason, I'm not realy lemming the Guerlain blush (thank heavens!). Hmm... but Dior's palette does seem to have some pretty taupe shades. Let's see how the Chanel one fairs in person. =P

Xin: Agreed!

Nikki: Hahahha.. they look yummy to me! =)

Connie De Alwis said...

There's this green MAC Fluidline that's coming out soon. I wanna get that! :D

rinnah said...

Eek! Those Clinique lip balms are so cute I want one!

Syen said...

Connie & Rinnah: Have you satiated your lemmings? =P