January 04, 2011

Guest Review: Apronbay's Brazillian Wax

What's that you say? So Loverly has been taken over by mad Brazillian waxers? Why yes it has! HELP HELP! Actually, this guest post was from a voucher So Loverly received from the previous Apronbay experience. As soon as I got it, I passed it to the Beauty Dodo of the infamous wax experience and told her GO! TRY non sadistic luxury waxes! And she went. Bless her. Here's her review and she's as entertaining as ever. 

I really should have handed over this review to my sister, who wanted to give getting a Brazillian a try. In my humble opinion: if the wax does not hurt, involve hairy (pardon the pun) waxers or squirming on some newspaper, it is not worth writing much about.

However, as Kahani put it, it would be nice to experience a nice Brazillian for a change. So off I went.

Apronbay is located at 6-1 Jalan Telawi 4 in Bangsar – which is perfect when you are trying to squeeze shopping (Blook, Cats Whiskers, Gossips), massages (Sifu Reflexology for the young and good looking masseuses, Thai Odyssey for their half-hour half body or full hour whole body massages – I get bored after an hour), ice-cream (Baskin-Robbins, Haagen Daas) and catching up with friends.

I was surprised to be greeted, smiling, in a really clean and well conditioned room. (You have to remember that I am used to grumpy waxers or waxers who tell you that they have seen lots and lots of everything) For those of you who seek sweetness and light , this was the correct ambience. I appreciated two things: that it was brave enough to be painted white (shows the dirt) and clean (impressive), and it felt girly without being too girly.

Also, I liked that I was ushered into a private room with only a little round window looking into the door, as opposed to a room where the beds are divided by curtains, baby delivery style. (In some places, you can see the legs of the customer next to you writhing in mid-air) The door looked exactly like an aeroplane door. Apronbay’s owner, who used to work in the airlines industry, clearly took the combination of wax + flying seriously. I greatly appreciated how private it felt and I am pretty sure that the window was covered by an adequate curtain. (This is the sort of thing I check for)

Upon entering, my waxer (my apologies, she was lovely but for the life of me I cannot remember her name) asked whether this was my first time. I shyly said no. Yes ladies, I was shy – the place was nice and it felt like any minute now, I would be exposed for the Fagin lovin’, scrummy street urchin whom I truly was at heart. She explained to me what she would do.

Then, she impressed me again – she passed me some wet wipes to wipe myself with prior to the wax. I am big on workers’ rights and I thought it was nice that bit was built into the process – also for the waxer. Imagine having to rip and clean hair, discharge, ammonia and brown gunk for a living. Eyoo. Not cool.
Clean yer own damn pussy!
The process of waxing took longer than usual (45 minutes? I am really not sure) but it was the gentlest wax I experienced. I barely felt pain and the waxer and I could carry a conversation comfortably. I really wish I remembered her name because I had a great time asking her how she reconciles her strong Christian faith with waxing beavers, which she took well and in her stride, while giving great service. We also talked about religious conversion, sex work and street violence: therefore, in addition to being the gentlest wax ever, this was also the most intellectually stimulating one.

(I am slightly surprised, looking back, that she did not slap me with her wax stick)
Plus, my pussy had never received so much attention. Immediately after each strip, my waxer applied cooling ointment to reduce the pain.

Now, if only the men in my life were that sensitive and attentive to that part of my body. I am not a bloody light switch and you are not the Iraq invasion, okay.

I had a bit of eczema on one of my thighs so I appreciated the kindness as inevitably, some wax would come into contact with the area. Lest you think that the waxers are a bunch of sadists – it really was my choice to go ahead with the wax, the eczema covered a tiny patch and I had to fill a form at the start detailing my health problems and any potential skin allergies or ailments they need to be alerted to. They could answer my questions when I asked what sort of diseases in particular ran red flags and why would they worry about certain allergies more than others.

The owner also waxes – all of the staff does – which I believe is integral to providing good service and hopefully good internal staff support. Can you imagine working for a boss who has no idea what the experience of waxing women for a living is like, truly?

Another thing I appreciated about my waxer and Apronbay’s lovely owner was how much time they took to explain what the different waxes were when I asked: as well as where they came from, why my previous waxes went wrong and what should have been done to make them right. I realise that not everyone looks for adventure when they wax. They seemed genuinely interested in their work and this showed.

I took to heart what the owner said about travelling and receiving wax services in other countries, and seeing a gap. When I asked her what the one thing it was she wanted Apronbay to be famous for, she replied, customer service. I think that it actually succeeds in that department. Yes, even waxing is an art, and so is customer service which is lacking in Malaysia.

My take on Apronbay? It surprised me – I am not a girly girl by heart, but I enjoyed the white layout and loved the privacy offered by the structure of the rooms. I appreciated the time the staff took to answer my questions given that Brazillians are a private affair, particularly in a country where girls and women are still terrified of HIV tests and pap smears. I definitely appreciated that the staff were genuinely interested in their craft. Plus, that the owner does the dirty work herself - salut.

I would definitely recommend Apronbay for virgin waxers and for discerning clients who appreciate some intelligence with good customer service. It was a fun wax – I really wish I can remember the name of my waxer – and despite the lack of adventure, I had a pleasant time.
Brazilians should involve adventure! 
Apronbay currently offers 15% off Brazillians. I cannot quote their prices but they are comparable to Strip – from memory, a Brazillian costs RM98 at full price. For the less and more adventurous on both ends of the spectrum there are a variety of topiary patterns to choose from which can be viewed on their website. For more information, their website may be accessed here. 


Connie De Alwis said...

A long post and I read every single word of it! And entertaining read indeed! I truly regretted not going to Apronbay for my first-time. I had to lose it in the back seat of a car...

Eli said...

I am so glad the images were switched off in my work browser. Was giggling my way through this. I'll give Apronbay a go the next time I am back. Religious discussions and bikini waxes? I can't wait.

Kahani said...

*snorts* Connie, what did you lose in the back of a car?

Eli: But they're all work safe! PROMISE!I chose them, not the beauty dodo. =P

rinnah said...

It sounds so... gentle... *snorts* okay so I wouldn't be terrified of doing my virgin Brazilian wax experience at Apronbay then...

MY said...

Great review.. I had mine at Honeypot @ BSC. Pleasant experience. Looking forward to try at another place as well.

Justine Cricks said...

That sounds like a nice place! Yes, I would also choose a salon that is clean and has people who know what they’re doing. Since waxing is for hygienic purposes and can be painful, cleanliness and customer service should be the priority of the establishment.

Justine Cricks