March 24, 2011

Review: Hugo Boss Orange Sunset

With Sienna Miller as the face of Hugo Boss Orange I suppose I should have guessed I wouldn't like it. I'm not much a bohemian, sure I can appreciate the lifestyle but let's face it when push comes to shove my taste tends towards prim. 

But what I really dislike about this fragrance is that it can't make up its mind. It's like they took every single popular note on the market, threw it into a bottle in equal proportions and shook it. 

Vanilla? Check!
Floral? Check!
Musk? Check!
Candy? Check!
Citrus (Candy Mandarin actually)? Check!
Woodsy? Check!

You name it they included it. And it's strong, no matter where I spritzed it, my wrist, my hair, my dress (never again), my back, my knees... it annoyed me and gave me a headache. 
Sorry Hugo Boss, when I accepted the sample bottle to try,  I honestly thought that with the Mandarin orange note I might like it.  But it's just too confused a perfume and too darned strong. I believe that there are dozens of perfumes sporting the notes above but in a better balance.

If you like loud perfumes though or aren't too sensitive to fragrances (like the friend I gave it to), you probably won't mind it. But it doesn't strike me as that special or personable. Still the fact that I dislike it so strongly must mean someone out there loves it as fiercely.

It's available at all Hugo Boss counters and in Sasa:

EDT 30ml RM154
EDT 50ml RM208
EDT 75ml RM270


plue said...

eh now this one didn't give me a headache... i thought it was quite "warm", though i can't detect anything very citrus like at all!

i don't love it, neither i hate it, just okay enough to wear it occasionally when i am out

sorry to hear you didn't like it at all.

xin said...

eeep! all strong in one is not good =/