March 25, 2011

Quick Peek: MAC Pink Cult Blush + the Balm Shady Lady Vol. 2

I know this seems more of a Monday's post, but good news are meant to be shared. The quicker, the better, right?

Also, I was worried that Monday might be a tad too late because these babies might be gone by then. So I'm giving you a quick peek in case you'd like to nab these!

So first up - MAC Pink Cult (Price: RM75)

This one here has practically achieved cult-dom even before it reached our Malaysian shelves. I honestly didn't think it'd be SO popular. But a day or so after it hit the shelves, I was told it was already sold out in some MAC stores.

I picked mine up uhh... three days ago in KLCC. And they still had stock there. So if you want this, ladies, R.U.N!

This neutral pink blush looks a little understated in the pan, but it is very beautiful applied. As I had only picked it up recently, give me a little while more before I give you a full-on review, but I can tell you I'm liking it a lot already!


Next up - the Balm Shady Lady Vol.2 (Usual Price: RM120)

This is a beautiful palette and the Balm does make pretty awesome eyeshadows. Read Kahani's take on Vol. 1 here. Since I already have Vol. 1, I didn't think I'd need Vol. 2. But Sasa is currently having some major sales going on, and this palette is going for 33% off! For RM80.40, though, it's a real steal.

If you've been meaning to check this palette out, now would be a pretty good time. If Balmbini is more your cup of tea, it's also on 33% discount. Kahani could not resist. *grin*

Shop happy!


Dini said...

I'm so happy that you posted this! I just called the Sasa and Empire and reserved Shady Lady and I'm picking it up tomorrow. Thanks SO much for letting us know about their sale!

ksuan said...

Oooooh the blush looks beautiful. Lemming lemming lemming.