April 07, 2011

Good stuff! - Derm 10 Comodone Complex

I'm terribly sorry for not taking my own image of the product but things have been in a hectic and mad state of flux for me of late. I can't wait to update you guys on it but until then I hope you lovely ladies will bear with my slightly spotty posting habits.

I was sent this product a couple months ago to test but it's taken me this long to review it because I wanted to first test the Vitamin C Complex independently and after loving it, to use this product.... STOP using it... and start it up again. Thorough testing eh?

And what has all this testing proven? In a nutshell... it works to clear up blemishes and dissolve blackheads. Hurrah!

Don't expect to see  miracles all at once though, it's a gentle complex and while I noticed improved skintone and clearer skin in the first week, it wasn't radically dramatic. In fact I had to stop using it (as mentioned), watch my skin deteriorate even with the regular use of Differin, and then start it up again to be sure.
And it IS genuinely good stuff. I'm so impressed and slightly bummed that it's hard to come by - yet another elusive product, grrr! But am gleeful that it's a MALAYSIAN brand! Yay! We're finally generating good stuff. Sure they credit US research but to heck with that, I'm pleased and happy it's got Malaysian roots. Which is funny, because if you know me, you know I'm terribly unpatriotic and dying to leave.


Anyways, to get it check out the site here, for some reason it's now priced in USD ($32) but as far as I know it's RM96 in Malaysia for 15ml. I've been using it for over a month and almost half the bottle's done so I'd estimate that at one pump a night a bottle will last you 3 months. Rather pricey but honestly... it works.

Update: Somewhat late on my part but Derm 10 replied me sometime ago with the following:

Our beauty house based at P.J area:-

Sharon Yap Beauty HouseNo. 17A Jalan 21/11B,
Sea Park, 46300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
PIC :  Sharon Yap
Mobile :  012-319 3389

Flovila Hair & BeautyUnit 178-1-2
Kiara Park Condo (Kiara Park Club House)
Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi
TTDI, 6000 Kuala Lumpur
PIC  :  Jenniffer Chua
Tel No :  03-7727 8589
Mobile :  019-339 1854


xin said...

i checked the site, it says there is a store in Bandar Utama and that's it O_o how to locate the store? i don't mind picking up one for my sis to try

Kahani said...

I know right? They site says to call them. Lemme drop them an email and ask. =)

Derm10 Perfect Skincare said...

Hi girls,

Sorry for the late reply. Our Media PIC was on emergency leave last week so we apologize for not getting back to you with the addresses earlier.

Rest assure we've gotten access to our Media Mails and will reply you with the relevant details first thing tomorrow.

Thanks for supporting Derm10!

raphee said...

I love this! stopped using it for a while and got around to using it again recently because even under foundations and bb cream, blackheads around the nose were still visible. Used it for two nights and Hello smooth foundation application! hehe.. :)