April 14, 2011

Handbag Handy: Etude House Mini Anti-Germ Hand Lotion

Everyone say, "Awww..."

Despite their overwhelming and slightly terrifying cutesiness, I continue to be impressed with Etude House. You're familiar with my handcream obsession.. well here's another kicker, I'm the daughter of a microbiologist. So while I'm not a germaphobe I do like my anti-bac stuff.

So I squealed (yes I confess I did) when I saw them both rolled into one adorable, portable package. I'd heard of such things, I even have a tube of the one from Boots, but until now they haven't been available here and the one from Boots isn't the most portable.

I was tempted to get out the petri dishes and the agar gel to test its antibac properties, but decided to just take their word for it. As a handcream it's actually kinda perfect. It's light, sinks in quickly and yet you need surprisingly little to keep your hands happy. My dry cuticles have been looking a lot less ragged since I started using this too.

The one I got is Citrus scented (of course!) and it's a nice light fresh scent that actually isn't that citrusy. I think even Syen wouldn't mind it. I was so happy with it I didn't bother sniffing the other one because I assumed it was floral/unscented/baby powder scented... and now I regret it! It seems the blue handcream smells of walnuts. WALNUTS! How random is that??

It's not the cheapest handcream at RM19.70 for 35ml but I'll be repurchasing! Walnut scented hands anyone?


plue said...

i saw these the other day but never bothered to pick them up, got waaaaay too many handcreams and it's such a grueling task to try to finish them off >_<

walnut scented... now that's a little funky :P wonder if they have anything with cookies and creams next time?

Askmewhats said...

oh wow! Packaging is too cute! I wonder what's walnut scent? hahahahha I can't seem to put it in imagination :)

Stephanie said...

I also got the same thing! I find the walnut scent is too weird, though. ^.^