April 13, 2011

The Office Pretty: What's On Your Office Desk

Next to handbag and bathroom voyeurism is... seeing what other girls keep on their office desks.

Some keep the standard handcreams and lipbalm, others have an entire arsenal of makeup.
I know a girl who keeps a set of false eyelashes and eyelash glue at her desk. A colleague of mine doesn't bother keeping makeup in the office but she lugs a large vanity case around with her Every Single Morning.

I have no idea how she does it. That thing is as heavy as a laptop.

Here's a snapshot of what's on my office desk: Daiso blotters, SteamCream, Sunplay sunscreen, eyedrops, lotsa lipbalms and tints, and a small compact mirror.

What do you girls keep in the office?


Paris B said...



plue said...

only 1 handcream and 1 lipbalm. and Badger's Clear Mind Balm :D

Syen said...

Heheh.. nothing. I keep everything I need in my handbag! I'm more on the go than in the office anyway. =P

rinnah said...

Avene spray, Clinique Moisture Surge, compact mirror. :)

ksuan said...

Lots of lip balms, Gatsby oil blotters (supposedly for men but they work infinitely better than the ones supposedly for women!), Zara White eau de toilette for women, tiny bottle of Burberry Brit Sheer, eyedrops, and Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter (for cranky elbows) :)

Foxy Frangipani said...

Me list:
3 hand creams
5 body lotions
1 Boots wonderbalm
1 box blotters
1 pack wet tissue
1 Badger Bali Balm
1 small powder
1 hairbrush
3 face moisturizers
2 lip balms
1 lip gloss
1 nail clipper
1 hair clip
1 pore serum

Heeeeee :D

Kari said...

wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissue, hand cream. everything else I get from my handbag :)

Connie De Alwis said...

Ooh! This is fun! :D

I have...
1 tube lipbalm (needs to be tossed)
1 tin Rosebud Salve
1 Esemeria Organics Body Lotion
1 Hair shine serum thingy
1 Sunsilk Leave-on Hair Conditioner

Not counting the stuff I have in my bag...