April 18, 2011

Help: What should I do & where should I go in Hong Kong?

Hello lovely ladies, 

I need your help on this one, you see I've got a job in Hong Kong and will be moving there in a month or so. I've visited it once with Syen but a few days just isn't the same as going to live in a place now is it? 

I'm working in Central area and will be looking for a place to stay around Northpoint.

So my question to you is, what are your favourite places there? Great eateries, places to shop, things to do, bars to hang out in? Please share - along with the name of the place, address and nearest MTR stop if you can manage it!


Ps: Know any good Hong Kong fashion & beauty blogs I can start following?


kat said...

woohoo! HK!!! :D (yes am not answering ur qs jst expressing happiness keke)

Vanilla said...

not answering either, just telling you that i posted same question on my blog and i will check back and see if anyone recommend anything here!
hope you enjoy HK! well, you will, the food is crazy over there!hehe

Stephanie said...

I've lived in Hong Kong my whole life (apart from 6 years in the UK) so here are my recommendations! Bearing in mind I tend to stick to the same places lol:

Causeway Bay (the whole general area), including Times Square
Mongkok ladies' market
Central - IFC mall
Admiralty - Pacific Place
Kowloon - Elements mall (take the MTR Tung Chung line to Kowloon station)

Soho (closest MTR station is Central)
Llama & Lantau islands for seafood

Lan Kwai Fong (closest MTR station is Central)
IFC roof (RED, Isola, G Bar)

That should get you going for a while! :)

Anonymous said...

:D nice!

i would love to work & live in another country! ahhhhh!

Kahani said...

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Stephanie: Thanks so much dear. Any particular shops/ bars / restaurants you'd like to mention?

l y n said...

Good luck with the move! Sorry I can't give any recs 'cos I haven't been to HK in nearly 2 decades but I'm sure you'll discover all the fab places over time :-) I'll be visiting end of May and really wanna hit Sasa!

Foong Jin said...

I looooove HK! I have relatives there, so I can't really recommend good food areas as they're the best hosts ever...we just follow and makan only.

Offhand, I can just remember some of the places we revisit everytime we're in HK - roast goose (I can't remember where exactly, but it's damn famous. It's a three storeys restaurant), roasted pigeon in Shatin (it's in some temple, I think?), polo bun and milk tea in Wan Chai, Dim Sum (everywhere!), hawker street in central, behind H&M, near Hollywood Road...etc. HK is teeming with good food :D sorry I can't be more specific!

For shopping, my staple is H&M. :P Langham Place at Mongkok, the mega mall at Tsim Sha Tsui (combination of 4 malls, can get every single brand you can think of there - Louboutins to Balenciaga, H&M, Muji etc), Mongkok shopping area, Wan Chai for outlet shopping (picked up a really detailed Massimo Dutti shirt for RM50 there once!).

I also highly recommend cycling around the lake/reservoir at Tai Mei Tuk. There's this small cafe under a tree along the cycling route which serves the best corned beef sandwich. Goes so well with warm malted Vitasoy on a cold winter day. Yummy!

Did I mention I love HK? :P You'll have a great time there :) I'm planning to move there in the next couple of years too :)

Kahani said...

Wow Foong Jin, thanks dear! This si awweessoomee... and I'm a mad H&M fan too. Thanks especially for cycling around the lake/reservoir tip. Can you rent bikes there?

Foong Jin said...

Yup! There are bike rentals there! Can try to nego with them also for longer rental time, especially if you're going in a large group! ;) HK is wonderful, a mix of traditional and modern, efficiency and individuality. Loooveee it :D and they have H&M at practically every tourist spot in HK, so it's very convenient to just pop in and get a thing (or five!)

PLUS, H&M has a 30 days return policy, no questions asked, as long as the tag and receipt is intact. Really useful policy for times when the queue for the changing room is miles long (very often), and you're pressed for time (jsut grab and pay haha!). Can return the items at any H&M, no need to go back to the same one where you purchased it :D So so convenient, especially when you're not too sure about an item, but want to get it in case it sells out :P

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