April 19, 2011

New Fave: Etude Slant-tip Eyeliner Brush

Next to Silk Naturals slanted tip eyeliner brush (silver) for a size comparison
If you recall, I haven't just been looking for a perfect eyeliner brush, I've been looking for a CHEAP perfect eyeliner brush. Anyway I believe I've found it, in one of my steadily-more-favourite places, Etude House. ^_^
  1. I love it because:
  2. It's tiny
  3. It's super fine
  4. It's slanted (I work best with these)
  5. It's soft
  6. But not too soft
  7. It works amazing with gel eyeliners
  8. It only costs RM24.90
Could it BE more perfect? Happy!


xin said...

my favorite is also the one from Etude house eyeliner, not slanted but with a round tip, love it too! It's soft yet springy.

Kahani said...

may pick it up too! Never know when you feel like switching tips.. =P

Askmewhats said...

Nice!! The brush size is just right too! :)