April 26, 2011

Pretty darned good! Etude House Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub

I'm finding my "travel scrub" to be a pretty darned good use. While Etude recommends you use an ENTIRE sachet each time you scrub your face you'll never be done scrubbing! I find half a sachet at a time will do and the sachet will keep it from drying out even if you scrub on the alternate day.

The scrub is a thick white cream with very fine scrubbing granules, presumably baking soda. It has a light fresh citrus scent that isn't overwhelming but that I enjoy. As you scrub the grains will dissolve and disappear at which point you can rinse off and reveal glowing, clean and lovely soft skin. I find it helpful in clearing up clogged pores and pimples too.

For review I used up two sachets over a period of two weeks.

One problem I have with the scrub though is that I find it really hard to rinse off the soapy residue. Even after several rinses and going over again with a facial wash my face and hands still feel slightly soapy. I recommend this for use in the shower then - to minimise frustration. It's pretty gentle but I think you should scrub with this more than three times a week.

Overall, I love it and will be happy to tote a sachet or two along on trips.

Pick it up for Etude House for about RM30, each box contains 24 sachets.


Askmewhats said...

wow! I would mistake this for peanuts or something! Such cute packaging! I am intrigued, let me see if we have it down here! thanks

beetrice said...

I'm in love with it after trying the sachets you gave me! :D Will be going back to buy the full box.

By the way, thanks for the shower tip - I find it seems to rinse off a lot better in the shower with warm water.. :p

Kahani said...

Nikki: hahaha! Well fortunately the scrub itself doesn't look like peanuts. =D

Bee: Yay! I'm still wondering if the powder version is as good. It looks better for regular use. =P

Fables in Fashion said...

How awesome! If I could buy these I'd be totally sucked in by the packaging :)

pretty.girls said...
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pretty.girls said...

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Anonymous said...

hi what about this baking powder, is it the same?


how to use this one?