April 28, 2011

A burst of fresh orange in the morning: Buds Kids Orange Shampoo & Shower Gel

I don't like this stuff. I'm frigging addicted to it

I loved it from the moment the company gave me the products to try. I'm usually not keen on orange scents because they all tend to smell either like orangina or sugus. These however smell like you're peeling a fresh orange in the shower. Yes. It's THAT awesome. Gives me my morning rush when I jump into the shower. 

 Buds Kids is created by the same manufacturer as the Esmeria line. It's designed to be kid-friendly and is the toddler equivalent of their Buds Baby range. Like Esmeria, this is totally Eco-Certified (so its organic), cruelty free and made in Malaysia. 

The shower gel is mild and cleanses well. As it's organic it's not the foamiest of shower gels but it does lather enough to shave my legs with. I find it non-drying and have been using it everyday for two weeks and still adore it. 

The shampoo's awesome too. Cleans well without stripping and with a smidgen of L'Oreal's Elseve conditioner in the roots I find it stays bouncy all day and is still not greasy by the next morning. At present there's no citrus conditioner in this range in the market, BUT they did pass me an experimental tube to try but I'm not really sold on it. In its defense it's silicone free and I've never really worked out how to use those. It always feels insufficient in the shower and then later I find my hair weighed down. Puzzling! Anyone have any tips?

Sadly neither scent lingers long after the shower - but perfume wearers will enjoy this I think as it won't interfere with your scent of choice.
If I had one critique of these products is that they are very watery. Not that they're ineffective they're just not viscous enough and in the shower are in danger of spillage. As a line designed for kids, it may make it hard for small hands to manage in the bath. However the company is well aware of this issue and is working at perfecting an organic thickening agent.

The range also has a Lavender variant "for girls" (sorry Syen, the scents are just not you-friendly). I use the shower gel at night before bed and it's soothing and lovely. The girls range also has a shampoo and conditioner which I won't be getting because I wash my hair in the morning and lavender makes me way too mellow.

You can find these in JustLife outlets. The shampoo is RM32.90 and the shower gel is RM25.90 for 250 ml each. I'm gifting these left right and center... I love them that much!

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beetrice said...

shall I wait for one to come my way then? *hint hint* LOL...am so getting my hands on this just for the 'peeling orange in the shower' bit! :D