May 13, 2011

Storage options now that my makeup collection has exploded. Kinda.

Because now I can't fit all of it into my dresser anymore. Well... it's definitely expanded.

Which is both good and bad news. *winks*

Lately I've been rather obsessed with checking out my options of extra storage space. To start things of, my dresser looks somewhat similar to this one here. It's got a big mirror with three lovely deep drawers, which are filled. Eek!

However, I will be moving homes in about a year (I think) so I might be changing my dresser altogether. I have not decided on that yet.

Bearing these in mind, here are the options.

1. Ikea Alex - It's slim and tall and has NINE drawers of space to fill. Being slim means it takes up less floor space too.

2. Ikea Helmer - I love that these are compact, and yet the drawers are decently sized in terms of depth. I also like that they have wheelies, and can be easily tucked away into a corner if you don't want it in the way.

3. Plastic drawers - Bearing in mind I will be moving in a year (or less), these might be cheapest temporary solutions?

Any thoughts? Or have you got an even better idea? Share!

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