May 25, 2011

Your Say: A Good Base Coat for Nail Polish

(Am blogging on the go from Tawau, Sabah so bear with the bleary BB pics)

Don't you hate it whenever your brand new manicure chips? It took me a while to figure it out but the reason why my manicures have been chipping and peeling so easily is due to the Face Shop base coat I have been using.

There are lots of reasons to love the TFS base coat: It's cheap, provides a smooth surface for nail polish, dries quickly and doesn't discolour my nails. BUT it doesn't have enough "grip" on my nails making my manicure peel away quite quickly.

Let's hear it from you girls, what are your recommendations for a great base coat?


Anonymous said...

OPI worked fine for me. I'm currently using and loving Misa Backbone, it's more watery and spreads more easily so i assume it won't thicken as easily when i'm finishing the bottle, and it's cheaper than OPI from


Kahani said...

Just never ever try Revlon's top and base coat. Dreadful!

plue said...

TFS base coat works fine for me, haven't experience any problems of chipping and such, but that maybe due to the fact i only do nail polish on my toes :)

maybe it's the top coat?

ksuan said...

Hey Eli,

I swear by Rimmel's offering :) Cheap, lasts ages (and doesn't chip off manically when I play guitar after applying, heh!), good stuff that I strongly recommend!

Syen said...

I don't wear nail polish much these days but I have a bottle of Sally Hansen's base and top coat for when I do bother primping my nails. It's worked fine for me so far. =P

Anonymous said...

im an OPI user..

Eli said...

Mandy: Thanks for the tip! Will check out the website.

Kahani: Went to a local spa and nearly died when I saw the manicurist yank out the Revlon multibase top coat stuff for the girl next to me.

Plue: I am using the TFS top coat and don't have any problems when I use it without the TFS base coat underneath.

ksuan: You just got me sold!

Syen: No Sally Hansen's in KK. Boo. =(

Annette said...

I've tried Orly Rubber Bonder and OPI Nail Envy, both are okay. Do you use a good top coat? That helps more, IMHO. Seche Vite or Poshe are the most famous ones.