May 27, 2011

The Helmer + My Makeup Organisation ~

So last week I told you I was considering a few options for extra makeup storage space. I'd been considering the Ikea Helmer, and after checking it out firsthand, I decided I liked it enough to bring it home.

And so now, my dressing table has a little partner-in-crime. I do love my makeup corner.

To be honest, the Helmer is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. But don't be fooled, it can store a great deal of stuff in there. I found the depth of the drawers to be quite ideal as you can see in the photos below.

I haven't completely revamped my makeup organisation from before I bought the Helmer, most of it is still stored in my dresser, but I've re-adjusted some products into my new drawers.

Blushes: Most of my blushes are still stored in my makeup mobile rack, and some are in my dresser drawer. I'm leaving most of it as is, as I'll be moving in about a year, and I'm a little lazy of having to pack and repack later. Ah well.

Lipsticks: I'm moved almost all my lipsticks into the Helmer so that I can see them all at a go. It's easier that way. Lipglosses are still in the dresser though as the Helmer's drawers are not deep enough for the glossies, and I prefer them standing. OCD? Perhaps just a bit. *winks*

Eyeshadows: I've also moved some of my eyeshadows over. I had just picked up the white trays from Daiso, and they fit the width of the drawers almost perfectly. Also, guess what? They're stackable. I really love Daiso.

I also love that the top of my dresser is now slightly more de-cluttered. Believe me, it was more cluttered before. The mobile rack is still there storing heaps (that alone would normally be more than enough for non-makeup crazed folks), and I've added a pink Glis box on my dresser to store my lipbalms.

And yes, I use toilet paper instead of tissue paper because I find that I don't actually need such a big sheet of tissue most of the time. And toilet papers are actually quite the perfect size per sheet. Uhh... save the trees?

So there you have it, a peek into my world. Have a great weekend!


Askmewhats said...

WOW!!!! :O :O :O I love how you organize your stuff!!!! i want to go to your place and stay there for the whole day!

Paris B said...

Glad the Helmer's working for you :) I love your dresser though. I'm holding off buying storage till its my turn to move (whenever that comes!) so for now, spares are housed in a book case! :P

Fables in Fashion said...

I love this, you are so organised! :)

xin said...

nice! i was tempted to get the Helmer's too to store my nail polishes and etc. But there is no way that i can fit it in my room anymore without obstructing walk way *roll eyes*
so, i am just letting everything lying in the drawers stacking on top of each other to save space

Syen said...

Nikki: You'd be welcome Nikki! If you ever come to Msia, drop us a line. We MUST meet up! =D

Paris: Yeah, I'm really glad the Helmer's working out great. And I love that it's not too pricey a purchase. But yes, bookshelves are actually great for storage! *Hehe*

Fables: Thanks! But it's just my makeup that I've been keeping organised. The rest of my stuff aren't so erm.. fortunate. LOL.

xin: Haha... the Helmer is pretty easy to squeeze into an obscure corner though. =P

Tine said...

Son of a gun, I want one! A trip to IKEA next weekend beckons! :D

plue said...

you are all so organized! mine always organized for a while and off it goes whenever i buy something new. no space for Helmer so I just put everything in boxes and such.

Still, very messy >_<

Syen said...

Tine: LOL. I see it's infectious. It's easy enough to assemble (if this donkey can do it, anyone can), but the wheelies were a little tough for me to screw in. The hubs came in handy for that. LOL.

Plue: Believe me, it's only a matter of time before mine becomes messed up again too!

Amber said...

I can never keep my makeup tray organized for a long time. But it definitely makes looking for stuff easier and less time consuming.

Syen said...

Amber: Agreed!

Nadia said...

Oh my oh my! So organized!! Love the organization you've done here. Must squeeze in a trip to IKEA!

Syen said...

Nadia: Nah. It's just for now when it's all still spanking brand new. =P