June 22, 2011

Is Muji's line of cosmetics the poor girl's Shu Uemura?

Because the packaging is pretty darned similar! I can't compare colours and textures as the only Shu Uemura item I own is a mono eyeshadow (which is pretty darned awesome) but basedon looks alone, Muji's line and Shu's bear a striking resemblence. The prices though are nothing near alike, this lovely eyeshadow quad is only HKD68. It doesn't have the gorgeous creaminess and pay off that Shu's eyeshadows have, but hey... it's HKD68.

As far as I know it doesn't have a name, but I picked up the cooler brown eyeshadow quad. The darker brown shadows are lovely but the lighter ones are somewhat chalky and a touch glittery.

Does NOT swatch well on fingertips
My favourite shade is definitely the lighter brown one which in the pan looks like a dupe for Urban Decay's smog. It isn't... but it's a close thing.
Muji (left) & UD's Smog
In terms of depth and richness the colours are similar, but Smog has warmer glints and more dimension. Still I'd cheerfully pack the tiny quad along for trips as a "smog substitute". It's cheaper and the entire thing's about the size of a Shu Uemura blush pan.

I'll definitely be checking out the blushers in this range (HKD55) soon and may purchase the warmer version of this quad. I picked these up at the Muji outlet at Cityplaza, Taikoo.

Anyone here familiar with the range? Anything to recommend? Reviews are somewhat scarce. 


Askmewhats said...

oh my! that's great news! If the quality is consistently good, its definitely the answer to every poor girl's prayers!

Anonymous said...

The reviews on Cosme.net seems pretty favourable for their powder eyeshadows

senegence said...

If the quality is consistently good, its definitely the answer to every poor girl's prayers!

May Yee said...

I love their skincare range for sensitive skin, especially the cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Their cleansing oil doesn't break me out though I had bad luck with some high end ones, e.g Shu Uemura. U should definitely check them out :)

May Yee said...

Oh forgot to tell you(maybe u knew this already), the nearest Muji store just across the causeway :)

Kahani said...

Nikki: Will be looking into more products soon!

Anon: Thanks!

May Yee: Ooh awesome.. actually I do love cheapo Kanebo cleansing oil so there's something to be said for budget buys there. Well Taikoo's just two stops away from my me so I find it really near. Would you be talking about over on Kowloon or over in Singapore? (sorry I'm now based in HK)

May Yee said...

Oopss..I meant Singapore :P. Looks like I need to stock up these eyeshadows.

Foong Jin said...

I bought the coral blusher on my last trip there in Feb, but have yet to try it out. :P I love MUJI, it's like the upmarket version of Daiso. :P

Kahani said...

May Yee & Foong Jin: Man you guys are so awful for my wallet... but yeah, Muji and I, there's definitely somethin' going on. ;)