June 05, 2011

Welcome to the new apartment

I've finally moved into my new flat and I still feel like a little girl playing house, or "masak-masak". =P

It was partially furnished so I got to indulge some of my whims and fancies without spending too much. Like this white-green colour scheme I've always had a crush on.

Ikea's cheapest sofa bed only comes in one colour, dark grey. So I chose these floral cushions to add a touch of warmth, pick up on the green notes and blend in the grey. The white throw adds a touch of cosiness I thought.

This came with the apartment. When I saw that my shoes had a home I thought, "IT'S FATE!"

And here's a peek into my tiny bedroom:

So far, I'm only really using one cupboard. The other holds my giant suitcase which I have NO place to store. Oh dear. The top shelf functions as part of my beauty dresser  (the other half being the window ledge).
Can you spot which dresses made the trip with me? 
There wasn't much I could do with either the kitchen or the bathroom. At least, for the bathroom, I could put in a pretty shower curtain.

Well thanks for visiting! =)


Syen said...

Photos! =D

Ooooh! Your place looks tres cosy and homey. Looks great babe! Glad you're settling in nicely... =)

kat said...

hey em! looks niceee! love the colour scheme.... :) you might like this, judging from your fondness for all things ikea...


looking fwd to more pix! :D

rinnah said...

I so so so envy you your little apartment... I can't do nuts to my room in SG... :(

Yani said...

Great to see you're settling in nicely! Can't wait to visit!

Fables in Fashion said...

Your apartment is so cute! :) So bright and clean~

beetrice said...

ditto Rinnah's comment - I can't do squat with my SG room.. :(

envious and loving the colour scheme too!

Paris B said...

Ooh lovely little place! Nice touches and Ikea is the perfect place to go for inexpensive functional compact furniture that fits into tiny places!

Jenn said...

Looks like you're settling in nicely!! :D

Love your apartment! Looks really cozy! :D

Askmewhats said...

wow! I like how you managed to use the space wisely! I like it that the sunlight can still gets into the room :)

Kahani said...

Thanks ladies!

Rinnah & Bee: aww... Keep looking for a place to move out to ladies =(

domncroxd said...

lovely color scheme and so cozy! hope you're settling in and can't wait to hear about your new adventures.