July 12, 2011

EOS medicated tangerine - disappointing cult lip balm

After hearing so much about these organic balms. Stars love them, they're adorable and they're among the best lip balms you'll ever use. Well... not so much.

Lip balms in Hong Kong are surprisingly limited in selection these days, I can't find the C for Carrots line for example. I spotted this in Bonjour (discount makeup store) for HKD33 and picked it up - why this flavour? They didn't have any other, stores here are erratic stockists.

I expected to like it though, I love tangerine! But alas, it smells like sickly sweet sugus with a medicinal undertone. It's also quite hard - so while sure it functions as a lip balm, it really isn't that emollient.

It IS cute though, and makes for a great desktop lipbalm as it's easy to spot and sits around happily on its own looking cute. Still not sure how people tote these around, sure they're small but they're bulky.

Anyway, I won't be repurchasing this flavour. I STILL may give EOS another try as reviews have proven this to be the least popular one (so THAT's why it was in a discount store!). Summer fruits seems to be the most beloved and the one I'll likely try next. I'll still grit my teeth and use this one up though.


Anonymous said...

I think you should try honey dew melon (green) or lemon (yellow) instead. I tried the summer fruit and didn't like it nearly half as much as the other two. :)

Askmewhats said...

I am using the MINT version and I like how it tastes like minty chewing gum or Mentos in a good way! :) thanks for this post, I'll steer clear on this flavor!

domncroxd said...

ah :( what a pity. i was lemming for this one too! i like tangerine.

Kahani said...

domcroxd: well hopefully I spared you the disappointment. Go for lemon instead, I hear it's much tangier.

Anonymous said...

Look like I'm the only odd one to like it. I noticed after using it for a while, my lips don't chapped. No more dry skin! :)