August 03, 2011

Not a beauty post: My (possibly) perfect winter trench coat

A little off topic but I'm too thrilled to write about anything else tonight, so bear with me.

So those of you who follow this blog know I'm vain.Those who follow Frocking Around, know I also have a need for things to be pretty and fashionable. And now here's another few facts, I'm a geek and I LOVE organisational gadgets. So a cute trenchcoat that's a gorgeous shade of periwinkle blue that ha say... 18 pockets which can stow my kindle, a water bottle and just about all the contents of my handbag definitely has MY attention. 

Check out what the Scottevest Women's Trench can do:
And it can hold all this without looking bulky!
Now lest you think I've gone and made a huge online impulse purchase let me tell you I've been aware of this trenchcoat ever since it was launched in Spring. And drooled over it, vowing that if ever I were to live ANYWHERE that would let me wera it, it would be mine. Well guess what? Yay for HK! 

So after longing for this coat all this time, and reading glowing review after review what should happen but an advertisement for a 20% off coupon for this exact trench, lasting only one day, pops up in the side panel of a site I'm browsing. Google Ads have finally managed to read minds - you just have to wish hard enough. 

So I bought it! Of course I did. I JUST bought it and am buzzing from the thrill of it all (can you tell?)

Have I mentioned too that the iPod pocket has a see-through panel you can use your touchscreen through?
Or that the material is machine washable and waterproof?
It's also stain resistant.
The pocket for your sunglasses has a attached cleaning micro fibre cloth.
And the one for digital cameras has a velcro pocket for an extra memory card.
It's pretty.
And when you're asleep it will likely tidy up, do the laundry and cook breakfast for you.

Ok so I made the last one up. 

In my opinion it costs a very reasonable US$150 and charged US$37 in shipping. The discount got me US$30 off. Totally worth it. 

Now let's hope when it shows up it lives up all this expectation. Man I'm impatient for winter!!


Annette said...

Congrats on getting a coat you've been lemming for! I understand that thrill very well. Best feeling in the world! That coat does look pretty awesome - do a review on it when you can finally wear it! :)

Petra said...

Oh God. I am telling myself for f's sake Petra winter is almost over in Sydney and you are going to INDONESIA.