August 03, 2011

Only in Your Dreams: Things You (Literally) Dreamt of

My beauty sleep has been interrupted by fitful dreams lately: Of dead relatives turning up for coffee and gossip, having to sit for STPM exams and panicking because I have never done Form Six before, having to throw chairs at grey spooks who want to harvest my hair for wigs...

No wonder I wake up feeling even more tired than before.

Last night I dreamt that I went into a M.A.C store to check out their Semi-Precious Collection. It was sold out but they had a brand new collection inspired by -- get this -- exotic birds like the birds of paradise and Amazonian parrots. The eyeshadow and blush palettes were embossed prettily with colourful birds -- one which sticks out in my mind was a tri-coloured highlighter with a cockatoo pattern. Gorgeous.

I forgot what I ended up buying but it was a blush and a 217 eyeshadow brush which I have been lemming for the longest time.

In the words of our junior high essays: I woke up to find that it was just a dream and cursed bitterly.

Now, have any of you experienced dreams like mine where your lemmings come true and fantastic makeup collections are brought before your eyes? Do share and don't make me feel like the only weird one!

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