September 28, 2011

Temporarily Discontinued: Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer

To go all Malaysian on you readers: Why lah, must they discontinue a great product just when I have discovered it? Sial betul, right when my skin finally looks like it is going to settle down, be happy and finally concentrate on getting rid of those acne scars, Clinique turns around and bites me on the – okay, I will stop ranting now.

Anyway, I am deeply distressed by the news that Clinique is planning to discontinue their Turnaround Concentrate from their product line up this coming fall. I was suffering from awful breakouts in June and was in the doldrums of despair.

“I think,” my mother said calmly one day, “you need a new serum and moisturiser. Whatever you are using seems to be absolute crap.”

I laughed and agreed. I always had Clinique Turnaround Concentrate on my list after reading a review by Belledemoiselle so I hopped out and bought it. Salicylic acid has always been one of my favourite zit-busting products and it was a while since I bought an exfoliating serum.

Three days later, most of my breakouts had dried up and the initial redness was gone. It has been a few months since then and I can honestly say that I can see a difference in my skin. Barring hormonal breakouts, my skin does seem clearer and the acne scars lighter. When I am travelling and forget to bring Turnaround Concentrate with me, my skin deteriorates and becomes dull with congested pores.

The war on acne really is a constant battle.

Used sparingly i.e. half a pump each time, I think the large 50ml bottle can last for over 4 months, even when used day and night. I usually use half a pump in the morning and a full pump at night as my skin looks radiant the next morning. It has been over 3 months and I think there is still enough for another 1.5 months.

Seeing how Clinique is going to discontinue my new favourite, it looks like I should stock up on 1 or 2 bottles. Unfortunately, stocking up isn’t going to be cheap as the 50ml bottle retails for RM250. There is a smaller 30ml bottle but I have forgotten the price. Happily, sells it for cheaper at around RM190 but it looks like there is going to be a mad rush for it once word of its discontinuation gets out.

Grab it while you can!

Update 28/9/2011: I wrote this post one and half weeks ago and since then, my local Clinique SA has informed me that Turnaround is being discontinued temporarily. It will be relaunched at the end of October/ early November (confirmed by ParisB as well, thanks). Also, yay for Sabahans, there will be a launch party here as well so we can stop grumbling about how Peninsular Malaysians get all the fun. 


domncroxd said...

thank you for the link love! and yes, we still have turnaround! i was so afraid that i'd have to go to idealist instead, which is so much more expensive. i keep thinking that since EL and Clinique are owned by EL, that idealist + turnaround are very similar. only thing is idealist's old formula didn't really do much for me.

Anonymous said...

There are many lotions and stuff with salicyclic acid.

Clean and Clear toner has 2 percent salicyclic and there's DHC salicyclic acid toner.

I use the latter in the morning to cut down shine and soften my skin, and it has worked very well.

My dermatologist recommended to read the ingredient list and not the brand name, and she was right. This advice has saved my skin, money, and I laugh at the bs that cosmetics sales people like to spout.

Askmewhats said...

Wow! really? I don't understand why it gets temporarily discontinued! I have a sample size of this and haven't really tried this! Now I'm scared, what If I love it so much?

Eli said...

domncroxd: Isn't it a relief? I was starting to think that I might have to Idealist too and wasn't happy at the idea. Tried a sample before and I didn't like the 'cones.

Anonymous: You are right, there are a lot of drugstore brands with salicylic acid in it and it really is a matter of reading the ingredients list. I have tried quite a number of them (C&C and DHC as well) but I found most of them too drying or they broke me out.

It really is a matter of finding the right formulation for your skin. I know that Turnaround doesn't work for all but it does work very well for me.

Askmewhats: Whoops, I should have added in that they are updating Turnaround's formula, hence the discontinuation.

Kahani said...

It's partly strategic, partly marketing. Oftentimes they need to update the formula, substitute ingredients and/or comply with new guidelines. While they're at it, they get to have a firesale of an old product, and launch a "new" one - earning more publicity and new followers of the old faitfhul. Beauty marketing is an evil evil machine. =P