October 03, 2011

Part 1: In the Land of the Free

Hello lovelies,

Apologies that I haven't posted all of last week. Something urgent cropped up which needed immediate attending to. Anyhoo, to make up for it, I'll be sharing quite a few shots I took whilst I was on vacay in the United States.

Starting with New York!

(Note: Really photo-heavy post!) Enjoy!

Me and the hubs in Times Square.

Ahem. I got me my first Coach bag! *woot*

Shot taken from the top of the Empire State Building.

And then we flew to Seattle.

Space Needle.

Sunset on the Puget Sound. It was so beautiful.

Seattle skyline from Puget Sound.

Mount Rainier in the distance.

And then we drove southward along the Oregon Coast.

The coastline here is just simply breathtaking.

And we made a pit-stop for a few nights in San Francisco.

All the rolling hills.


Alcatraz, shot from Pier 39.

California sea-lions sunbathing on Pier 39.

The Golden Gate Bridge, which I learned was neither golden, nor red. Apparently, this colour's called International Orange. Did you know? (Too bad it was really foggy that day.)

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Part 2 will be coming up sometime later.

Happy Monday, ya'll!


Kahani said...

Wow these shots are gorgeous babe, love the San Fran tram shot and the Sea Lion shots best. But the sunset in Oregon one was breathtaking too. Way to use the DSLR! =D

l y n said...

Very nice! SF is such a lovely city :-) Looks like you enjoyed yourselves loads!

Connie De Alwis said...

The Sea Lions looked so cuddly! :D
Looks like you had a fab time!

Syen said...

Kahani: Thanks deariee! Whee! =D

lyn: I did! And yeah, San Fran is really pretty... =D

Connie: Only in that shot. They're not always so cute and cuddly looking. They've got pretty sharp teeth too. LOL.

Premium Beautiful | Sha Khalid said...

Very lovely photos!! I wanna go there one day.. :)